Student Competitions


RWTH Aachen University greatly values the commitment of students, who, during their studies, advance practically-oriented, interdisciplinary projects, apply what they have learned in class, and with these results then participate in national and international competitions.



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RWTH is therefore happy to support some of the student competitions with endowment and quality improvement funds.

Below you will find a compilation of student competitions at RWTH.

Students interested in getting involved in one of the projects should contact the team directly.

  Autonomous model vehicle Copyright: © Thomas Nowicki

Carolo Cup – RWTH Team GalaXIs

The Carolo-Cup is a student competition in the field of autonomous driving, which takes place in Braunschweig every year. The RWTH Aachen Team GalaXis is a student project group that develops autonomous model vehicles on a scale of 1:10 in order to be able to participate in the annual Carolo Cup.

  Group photo of the RWTH Team CaRWTH Copyright: © Maik Tepper

ChemCar Competition – RWTH Team caRWTH

During the competition, each team must develop a ChemCar that operates by chemical means and is able to travel a set distance according to defined conditions, such as carrying an extra load. The particular challenge lies in developing and constructing the ChemCar.

  Robot Copyright: © Georgi Grinshpun

Eurobot Robotics Competition - Roboterclub Aachen e.V.

The Eurobot is an annual interdisciplinary student competition in which teams construct two autonomous robots to compete against one another in various contests. RWTH’s Roboterclub Aachen e.V. team constructs two autonomous robots every year to attempt the assigned tasks of the competition.

  Group photo of Team Ecurie Aix with two students in front each sitting in a racing car Copyright: © FSG, Klein

Formula Student

Featuring over 500 teams, Formula Student is the world's largest student design competition. RWTH’s Ecurie Aix was founded in 1999 as the second German team. Every year, its members convert a fully electric racing car and a car from the previous year into an autonomous vehicle. Each summer, they compete in a variety of disciplines against teams from all over the world on Europe’s most famous racetracks.

  iGEM Team Aachen team photo

International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) – Team Aachen

iGEm is an international competition for students in the field of synthetic biology. As part of the competition, student teams develop ideas for projects which contribute to solving local or global problems with the help of synthetic biology.

  3D scan of the aluminum frame at the IKT Copyright: © Niklas Bloemen

MX Academic Cup – MX AIX Student Team

The MX Academic Cup offers students of all technical disciplines the opportunity to use their creativity and ideas to tackle the task of finding mobility solutions that are climate-friendly as well as performance-oriented.

  Group photo of the RWTH PLANCKS Team Copyright: © Florian Lippert/jDPG


PLANCKS stands for "Physics League Across Numerous Countries for Kick-ass Students“ and is the official international physics competition for physics students from around the world. The annual competition takes place in a different country every year and thereby promotes exchange and communication among different universities and cultures.

  Viper experiment Copyright: © Dennis Keller


The REXUS/BEXUS Program (Rocket Experiments / Balloon Experiments for University Students) is a German-Swedish program that offers students at German universities the opportunity to conduct scientific and technical experiments on rockets and balloons under specific conditions – such as being unter the influence of cosmic rays or in states of reduced gravity.

  Team photo of the RWTH Carologistics

RoboCup Logistics League – Carologistics

The RWTH team Carologistics is taking part in the major league competition "RoboCup Logistics League," which aims to advance research in the field of robotics. At the annual competition, teams from around the world must prove their ability in various disciplines. During the RoboCup Logistics League, two teams with three mobile autonomous robots each compete against one another in an intralogistics scenario.

  Group photo of Team Sonnenwagen Copyright: © Christian Offermanns

World Solar Challenge – Sonnenwagen Aachen e.V.

The World Solar Challenge is considered the most challenging race for solar-powered vehicles worldwide, taking participating teams on a 3,000-kilometer journey in the Australian outback. The Sonnenwagen Aachen e.V. association was established in 2015 by a group of RWTH students and is registered as an RWTH student organization. The team aims to make the most of the potential of electric mobility by developing and building a solar-driven vehicle.

  Person standing next to writing Which are the Next Walls to Fall? Copyright: © Falling Walls Foundation

Falling Walls Lab

Which walls do you want to break down with your research? What innovative idea do you have that will change society? The Falling Walls Lab Rhineland is looking for candidates who can present their innovative research project, entrepreneurial or social idea relevant to today's and tomorrow's world at this year's Lab at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf and convince a top-class jury from science and business in a three-minute presentation in English.