Subject-Specific Preparation of Your Stay

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At RWTH you can find excellent students, good lectures and difficult exams. And of course an impressive richness and variety in resources, as for example hardware and software, professors and cooperations.

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Finding suitable courses for your exchange stay at RWTH may be a challenging task.

Please remember the following rules when preparing your learning agreement:

  • at least 60 percent of your selected courses must be offered by your designated faculty at RWTH.
  • you will need to meet the language requirements of the courses. Please find out about the language requirements for exchange students in advance.
  • you should select only courses from your own level of study unless you have received a special permission from your host faculty.
  • your initial learning agreement does not replace registration for courses. Registration will take place at the beginning of the semester on the RWTH Online platform.
  • in case of any questions about courses, credits, language requirements for a specific course, exams, transcripts, and brief subject-related questions please contact the Departmental Coordinator of your host faculty at RWTH.

How to Find Courses and Modules - and Filter According to Different Teaching Languages

1. Access the Course Catalog

Go to RWTHonline, continue without logging in, and click on Courses.

2. Choosing the Right Semester

Select the semester in which you are expected to study at RWTH Aachen University - if this is not yet possible, please select the previous winter or summer semester, depending on whether you are coming in the winter or summer semester.

3. Finding the Right Course Catalogue for Your Course of Study

Select your course of study under Curriculum. Several options will be displayed, so please select either the corresponding "Bachelor 1 subject" or "Master 1 subject". Exception: Medicine – here Medicine Staatsexamen, Model Course of Study, with the most recent year, which is indicated in square brackets.

4. Finding Courses in Your Desired Language of Instruction

The courses can be filtered by language of instruction using the filter function. Some courses have the same name, but different course numbers - these courses belong to the same module. The second line indicates the type of course. The most common course types are VL (lecture), UE (exercise), or SE (seminar). The results can also be filtered by course type.

5. Information on Individual Courses and Modules

By clicking on a course you can find more information, e.g. description, information about ETCS, etc. Scroll down to Status within Curriculum and search for your course of study. Next to the course of study you will find a blue year which you can click on. A list appears in which the selected course is highlighted. The heading that is marked with an orange cross is the name of the module the course belongs to - in the same row you will find a symbol that looks like an open book and will take you to a description of the module by clicking on it.


Faculty specific information for incoming students including course offers and selection

Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences

Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

School of Business and Economics

Faculty of Medicine


Online Learning Agreement (OLA) for Incoming Erasmus Exchange Students

Steps to follow when filling out your OLA

Please submit your application to RWTH and then submit your OLA. Please note that the departmental coordinators will evaluate both documents together, so they need to receive all documents around the same time.

Due to technical problems with the Erasmus Dashboard platform, please inform your departmental coordinator by email that your OLA is ready for signing once you have submitted it (signed by you and your home university).

I need help with my OLA, who should I contact?

Your home universit should assist you with completing the OLA. If you have any questions about RWTH courses, please contact your departmental coordinator. Please remember that at least 60 percent of selected courses need to be offered by the faculty or subject area to which you were nominated by your home university.

Information on the Receiving Institution

It is of the utmost importance that you fill in the information under “Receiving Institution” correctly in your OLA. Otherwise, it will not be received and not signed by RWTH.

Country: Germany
Erasmus Code: D AACHEN01
Address: Aachen
Faculty: Name of the faculty you were nominated for by your home university
Res. Person: Name and email address of the departmental coordinator of your designated faculty or subject area (please provide the email addressprovided given for online learning agreements) 


Additional Information Available From the Faculties

You can get all the information about courses, credits, language requirements for a specific course, exams, transcripts, and brief subject-related questions directly from the Departmental Coordinator at your responsible faculty at RWTH Aachen.