Erasmus+ Trainees and Visiting Project Students


You want to carry out a project – that is an internship, research project, or final thesis – that will last at least two months and no more than 24 months and have already found a RWTH professor to supervise your work? As an ERASMUS+ trainee or Visiting Project Student you are welcome to register and enroll at RWTH Aachen University.

Please pay attention to the application deadlines. These deadlines are important to keep, in case you want to enroll in RWTH. In case you do not take any courses in RWTH and don´t need to apply for a resident permit in Germany, enrollment is not obligatory. You will then also not receive other benefits, like a semester ticket or accident and liability insurance.

Semester Application Deadline for Successful Enrollment Enrollment Deadline
Summer April 30 June 30
Winter October 31 December 31

Special Cases: Forschungszentrum Jülich and Fraunhofer-Institute

Students who are going to complete a project, a thesis work or an internship at Forschungszentrum Jülich or at the Fraunhofer-Institute, must explicitly be supervised by a RWTH professor in order to get enrolled. It means that the invitation letter or the confirmation of supervision must be signed by the RWTH professor him- or herself. Documents issued by another person, e.g. a scientific assistant, will not be accepted. Therefore you should request the necessary documents as early as possible from the RWTH professor so that you can enroll during the enrollment period.


Your application process

Step 1

Register in the Incoming Online Portal and complete the application “Incoming online form, non-exchange.”

Upload your complete application documents to the online registration form.

Required documents:

  • Confirmation of supervision
  • Evidence of student status at home university, such as an enrollment certificate
  • Erasmus+ trainees: Learning Agreement for Traineeships, provided by your home university and signed by your RWTH supervisor

Step 2

After registering online, please save your online application form as a PDF file.

Step 3

Please send us your application form by . No further documents are required.

Further information can be found at our application webpage or in our step-by-step instructions.



If you need to apply for a visa, make sure to apply for student visa and not internship or traineeship visa. The latter one is intended for internship and traineeships in the industry and is not appropriate for Visiting Project Students or Erasmus Trainees. Even though you will be doing an internship at an institute, the primary reason for your stay at RWTH is your studies. Therefore, the student visa is the one you will need to apply for. For more information, please have a look at the