During Your Stay

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Aachen is not a big city but well-known for RWTH Aachen. Aachen is famous for its hot springs, and humid weather, mild winters and warm summers. The environment here is suitable for living and studies.

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Your Studies at RWTH Aachen

The most important contacts during your studies at RWTH Aachen are the

departmental coordinators in your faculty. They provide you with all of the important information about studies:

  • Subject advising
  • Information about registering for courses and exams
  • Advising about the Learning Agreement and changes made to the Learning Agreement and signing the learning agreement
  • The faculties issue your Transcript of Records upon request.


In the Faculties of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and the School of Business and Economics, course and exam registration is completed through a faculty-based database. Please contact the departmental coordinator for more information.

The other faculties do not have an online registration system for courses and exams. If you would like to take a course or exam, you must first contact the respective instructors to register manually and gain access to the online learning platform.


Advising and Service for Exchange Students

We hope, of course, that your stay is smooth and that you find your way easily. If you do need assistance again, please contact Incoming Student Services – we are happy to provide you with other services and advising offices at RWTH Aachen and are here specifically for exchange students. We are happy to issue certificates about your arrival at RWTH Aachen.

If you have general questions, you can also directly contact the International Office's Info Service Center.


Do you need more advising? You can find the most important service points and contacts here:

Student Representative Councils


Psychological Counseling

Aachen Mentoring Model

Language Center

University Sports Center

University Library

Associations and Student Initiatives

IT Center of RWTH Aachen


Re-Enrollment for the Next Semester

All students, who stay at RWTH Aachen for longer than one semester, must re-enroll for the following semester before a certain deadline. Re-enrollment takes place automatically when you transfer the student body and social contribution fee to the RWTH Aachen bank account.


Extending Your Stay

Do you want to extend your stay at RWTH Aachen? We're happy to hear that things are going so well for you here. Please do the following in order to extend your stay:

  • Ask your departmental coordinator to contact the International Office. We need an official confirmation from the faculty that you are allowed to extend your stay.
  • After we have received the faculty's confirmation, you can re-enroll for the following semester by transferring the student body and social contribution fee.
  • Contact your home university.
  • If necessary, extend your residence permit. You can find additional information about this at the Aachen Immigration Office.

Before Your Departure

Before you leave Aachen, please remember to take care of a few formalities:

Ask your department coordinator for a transcript of records a few weeks before your departure.

If you need a certificate about your stay, please contact the Incoming Student Services in the International Office. Erasmus+ students need a certificate for their home university and for the Erasmus+ scholarship. Pay attention to your home university's requirements for the information on the certificate. You can usually get a template or sample of the certificate from your home university. If you do not have time to visit our office, you can send us the template (if available) and the coversheet filled per . The Incoming Student Services will make sure to issue your certificate and send it back to you as soon as possible.

Remember to cancel your rental agreement, bank account, cell phone contract, et cetera on time.


Degree at RWTH Aachen

Did you particularly enjoy your stay as an exchange student at RWTH Aachen and want to acquire your degree at RWTH Aachen? Find out about applying for a study placement at RWTH Aachen.


Alumni Network

As former exchange students, you have the possibility to become a member of the RWTH Aachen alumni network. You can find out more about registration and the benefits from the Alumni Team.