Background Information and Additional Tips


The EU educational program Erasmus+ also contains funding for internships in Europe from 2021 to 2027. The goal of the Erasmus+ Internships program is to strengthen European collaboration in professional education and to improve students' abilities and skills beyond their own countries through career-qualifying internships.

Practical professional experiences are becoming increasingly important to students in all subject areas. Every student recognizes that an internship at a foreign company can be advantageous. The best case scenario is that employment opportunities then open up for students shortly after their exams.

Here you can find more offers and information from RWTH Aachen about internships abroad

You can find general information about internships abroad such as tips for preparing and applying, an online intercultural training, and much more on the DAAD's webpages. You can find experience reports on the website of the Leonardo office in Saxony-Anhalt.