Opportunities Provided by the International Office


Internships abroad at companies offer an ideal combination of experience abroad and practical experience in the industry, during which you can gain qualifications for a later career or fulfil any internship requirements.


Research internships abroad combine experiences abroad with research experience and may be accepted as fulfilling the required internship.

Both industry and research internships offer the opportunity to write a project, seminar paper, or thesis as part of the internship and to earn credit points while doing so. Just as you would when writing a thesis at RWTH, you must look for a supervising researcher, who will accept the work from abroad and recognize it for your studies.


Industrial and Research Internships



ERASMUS+ Internship Funding

Erasmus+ internships offer students in all subjects the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they have gained during their studies in an internship at a European company or research institution.

For further information, please visit our web page on Erasmus+ Internship Funding.

IDEA League Research Grant

IDEA League is a collaborative network between the five leading European Universities of Science and Technology: Delft University of Technology, ETH Zürich - Swiss Federal Institue of Technology, RWTH Aachen University, and ParisTech.

In order to involve IDEA League students in research collaborations at the earliest possible stage, the IDEA League has created a special grant scheme for students that is open to all student levels: bachelor, master and doctorates. The grant scheme is to enable students to undertake a research visit to an IDEA League university in order to do research in the context of a final thesis or dissertation. IDEA League research grants are awarded on a competitive basis.

Further Information: IDEA League Research Grant.

Unitech International

UNITECH International is a partnership between leading universities of technology and a group of European enterprises. The programme sets out to complement an excellent university education including a study abroad scheme with working experience at an international company. Participants will be provided with a solid basis in business and management by means of an additional vocational training.

Further Information: UNITECH International.

E.ON Stipendienfonds

The German-Norwegian, interdisciplinary Scholarship Programme for Energy Sciences supports research projects in Norway. The mobility grants are addressed to German and Norwegian master students, PhD students and junior researchers planning a stay abroad in the other country (Germany/Norway).

Further information: E.ON Stipendienfonds.



PROMOS Study Abroad Scholarships

PROMOS is a DAAD-funded program to enhance student mobility in Germany. Eligible to apply are students in all disciplines who have German citizenship or a German university entrance qualification (so-called "Bildungsinländer").

Financial support is provided for students who organise their work or study abroad project themselves and outside of an existing study abroad scheme. Graduate students who wish to write their final thesis abroad are also eligible to apply. The scholarships are awarded for periods between one and six months; internships must last longer than six weeks.

For further information and a list of eligible destination countries, please see: PROMOS

Fellowship-Programme in the framework of Strategic Partnerships

Research internships and research stays with strategic partners of RWTH Aachen are eligible to receive funding as a matter of principle. The different types of funding are guided by which university and manner of stay is selected. Students well into their Master's studies as well as doctoral candidates are able to apply for a Junior Fellowship, while Postdocs and Professors can be funded through a Senior Fellowship. RWTH Aachen's strategic partners are Tsinghua University in China, the IIT Madras in India as well as the University of Alberta in Canada.

UROP Abroad

The "Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme" makes it possible for RWTH students to conduct research at selected North American universities or research institutions. F-UROP USA, for example, allows highly qualified RWTH students to undertake UROP research projects at the Fraunhofer USA centers. UROP Abroad projects are available at a large number of RWTH partner universities.

Further information: UROP.

E.ON Energy Research Center

The RWTH Aachen E.ON Energy Research Center (ERC) realizes its international orientation through the "International Energy Cooperation Program" (IECP). E.ON ERC and RWTH Aachen target collaborations with universities and research institutions at the international level through this program. Within the framework of thie collaboration, the exchange of students and researchers (research internships for Bachelor, Master, and doctoral students) is particularly promoted. Research projects of three to six months in length in the field of energy can be completed through a student exchange. Final projects or theses can also be completed at E.On ERC.

More information is available under E.ON Energy Research Center.

RWTH Ambassador Program

The "RWTH Ambassador Program" offers scholarships to highly motivated RWTH graduate students who would like to go to the U.S. to do undertake a research projectp at a renowned university or research institution and who would like to become an ambassador for our university. It is the responsibility of the student to find a suitable research internship.

Further information: RWTH Ambassador Program

MIRAI Scholarship

As part of a collaboration with outstanding universities in Japan, RWTH Aachen offers a MIRAI scholarship for research stays of at least three months. Master and doctoral students from any course of study are invited to conduct research at on of the excellent Japanese universities.

More information is available at MIRAI Scholarship.

MOGAM Scholarship

The scholarship provides funding support for Master students and PhD candidates who wish to embark upon a period of research abroad at one of RWTH's high-profile partner universities in Korea. Master's students as well as PhD candidates are eligible to apply. The stay abroad must be at least for three months.

Further information: MOGAM Scholarship


Opportunities for Research at other RWTH Partner Universities

In collaboration with RWTH Aachen, some partner universities offers research internships and stays lasting two months to one year.

Additional opportunities