Erasmus+ Exchange Possibilities by Faculty


You can find more information on the pages for the Erasmus+ program.


Please note

Since 2014, negotiations have discontinued between Switzerland and the EU about participation in the Erasmus+ program. This means that Swiss universities can no longer participate in Erasmus+. In order to ensure student exchange even without Erasmus, Switzerland established the Swiss European Mobility Program, SEMP, to promote student exchange on the basis of bilateral exchange agreements.

The most significant difference to Erasmus+ is that Switzerland offers scholarships to both incomings and outgoings.

Please refer to the Swiss university's website for information about the SEMP application process.


Faculty 1 – Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Sciences

Faculty 2 – Architecture

Faculty 3 – Civil Engineering

Overview of the faculty's exchange opportunities worldwide

Faculty 4 – Mechanical Engineering

Faculty 5 – Georesources and Materials Engineering

Faculty 6 – Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Faculty 7 – Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Faculty 8 – Business and Economics

Faculty10 – Medicine