Free Mover Outgoing Checklist


1. In what country and at what university do you want to study abroad?

  • It is important to consider what courses are offered.
  • Read the university's webpages.
  • Read the experience reports
  • Pay attention to university rankings
  • Important: The university must accept "non-degree students" or "visitng students," in order for you to be able to apply a free mover.

2. During what semester or timeframe do you want to conduct your study abroad?

  • Semester dates abroad are often different than those in Germany. Be sure to calculate any overlaps as this can affect exam dates.
  • Some universities offer quarters not semesters. A quarter is shorter – often it's only about three months. Think about whether you want to study for multiple quarters abroad. Make note that the tuition fees are per quarter!

3. Pay Attention to Application Deadlines!

4. Collect and Send Application Materials On Time

Application traditionally include a:

  • Resume
  • Statement of Motivation
  • Transcript
  • Language Certificate
  • Recommendation Letter

Contact the study abroad advisor in your faculty to find out whether you can receive credit for your academic performance abroad.

5. If Your Application Is Successful

  • Take care of getting a visa, accommodations, flights, and if appicable, a semester of leave.
  • Please register your study abroad period with the RWTH International Office.

6. Pay Attention to Financing Possibilities

Apply on time for scholarships!

if you cannot find information online, contact your target university's international office directly.