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Japan is one of the countries of focus in RWTH's internationalization strategy. Collaboration with Japanese universities and research institutions plays a prominent role.



Jun Okuda

Rector's Delegate for Collaboration with Japan


+49 241 80 27810


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General Information about Japan

You can find general information about Japan on the following pages:

Information about Studies in Japan

You can get information about studies in Japan from the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD for short, and from the DAAD-Liaison Office in Tokyo and on the website of the Japan Student Services Organization. Please read this article.

Here you can find an overview of important websites, which have to do with various topics about studies in Japan.

Here you can find information and experience reports on studying worldwide.


RWTH Aachen has research collaborations in Japan with:

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA, offers interesting research stays in different fiels of research.

The Nara Institute of Science and Technology, NAIST, offers interesting research stays for students information technology, materials engineering, and biosciences.

The T2K Group at the Institute of Experimental Physics III B collaborates with the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex, JPARC for short, within the framework of the Tokai To Kamioka or T2K project. The DFG is funding the collaboration.

Research funding organizations include the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Japan and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

Please note that it is important to begin planning your research stay in Japan as early as possible. You should reserve at least six months and ideally a year to plan your stay. You may be charged tuition fees for research stays at Japanese universities. Even if you are independently organizing a research stay at a partner university, please contact Bettina Dinter.

Research Collaboration with Tokyo Institute of Technology

RWTH supports collaboration with all partners in Japan and particularly the research partnership with Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Tokyo Institute of Technology, with whom we have had a strong partnership (student exchange and research collaboration) since 2007, has opened a Europe office at RWTH Aachen in March of 2019 – the Tokyo Tech ANNEX Aachen.

Within the framework of the Tokyo Tech/RWTH collaboration, the first symposium for international industry-academia cooperation was held with 200 participants on March 30, 2015, in Tokyo, under the topic Industry 4.0 and the Challenges and Opportunities for Business, Science and Society in Germany and Japan.

A workshop in Aachen followed on June 11 and 12, 2015, which aimed particularly at getting to know each other better and matchmaking. Scientists from Tokyo Tech and RWTH Aachen as well as representatives from the Japanese and German industry in the fields of mechanical engineering, materials science, medical technology, biotechnology, and chemistry discussed and identified possible research projects. RWTH spin-offs were also represented.

The goal of the collaboration is to establish longterm, excellent research projects, that will be financed with industry funding and scholarship programs.

Please contact Bettina Dinter if you have questions.

RWTH Aachen Exchange Programs

Here you can find an overview of RWTH Aachen's Japanese partner universities. Please get more information about the faculty partnership from your faculty's study abroad coordinator.

We recommend attending our group advising sessions.

Furthermore, you can also find information about different exchange and study programs at Japanese universities on the corresponding webpages.

Here you can find information about language and technical Summer Schools and Winter Schools. Please pay particular attention to the Tokyo Tech Summer Program for academic or research stays in engineering or the natural sciences.

Our partner university, Keio University, has the program Thesis@Keio, which, under the supervision of your professor, offers the opportunity to conduct research within the framework of your final project. RWTH students pay a reduced fee.

Internship in Japan

Experience has shown that it is difficult to find an internship in Japan, since this is how Japanese companies hire new employees. The contacts your RWTH institute has are the most important information resource.

You can find general tips on internships abroad on webpages of the RWTH Aachen International Office. On the DAAD webpages, you can also find a detailed overview for allocation and funding possibilities for internships abroad and specifically for internships in Japan.

You can also find an internship offer for Japan on the Career Center's pages.

The organizations IAESTE and AIESEC may be able to allocate you a suitable internship placement depending on your field of study.

The German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD for short, has a DAAD Information Center in Tokyo. Please be sure to make note of the Sprache und Praxis in Japan program.

The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan and JETRO: Japan External Trade Organization also allocate internships.

It is also worth sending an inquiry to NRW.INVEST Japan or having a look to the webseite KOPRA – bridging cultures.

If you have found an internship placement, you can apply for financial funding via PROMOS.

The KOPRA internet platform offers a database of internship offers in East Asia.

Funding Possibilities

RWTH Aachen offers two scholarship programs for exchanges with Japan: MIRAI and PROMOS.

You can find comprehensive information about different scholarship programs on the following websites:

You can find general information about scholarship and funding on our scholarship page.

Learning Japanese

The RWTH Language Center offers language courses for different learning levels.

RWTH students may pay a reduced fee for the Summer Schools at partner universities.

The Intercultural Center of Aachen Students INCAS facilitates language tandems.

The Japan Foundation offers a website to learn Japanese: Marugoto.

Through the BeBuddy Program you have the possibility of meeting Japanese exchange students.

The Landespracheninstitut at Ruhr University Bochum also offers the program LSI – Japonicum.

Japan and Japanese Culture in Germany