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Please Note

This web page provides you with information on the application process for exchange places allocated by the RWTH International Office. If you would like to apply for an exchange place that is part of a faculty or institute cooperation, please find out about the application process directly there. You can also use the overview of partner universities to find out about possible study abroad opportunities. To get fully informed about study abroad opportunities, we recommend you attend one of our regular group advising sessions. You can also find more news about residency opportunities as well as testimonials from former outgoings on the International Office's Instagram account.

Please note that not all partner universities offer places in every application round. An overview of current exchange opportunities is available under “Open Spots” below.


Application Deadlines

May 6 to 27, 2024, 12 noon: for a one-semester stay abroad set to begin in the 2025 summer semester.

October 15 to November 4, 2024, 12 noon: for a one- or two-semester stay abroad set to begin in the 2025/26 winter semester.



Benjamin Pietsch

North and South America


+49 241 80-90686





Bettina Dinter



+49 241 80-90812





Peter Hartges

China and Thailand


+49 241 80-90683



Open Spots

The number of RWTHweltweit exchange spots available in the 2025 summer semester will be announced here at the beginning of the 2024 summer semester.


Apply Online

The International Office conducts application procedures twice a year for exchange placements available in collaboration with partner universities outside the Erasmus+ program via RWTHworldwide. The application deadline in the winter semester (November) is the most important one as you can apply for both one- and two-semester stays beginning in the winter semester of the following academic year and for one-semester stays in the summer semester of the following academic year then. When it comes to the application deadline in the summer semester (June), you can only apply for any places left over for the summer semester of the following academic year. The application deadline for an exchange semester is approximately one year before the planned stay abroad. Applications are to be submitted online via the application portal. The portal closes at 12 noon on the last day of the application period.

Please do not start your application in the last few days of the application period. Creating an application is time-consuming and usually, students have queries that need to be clarified, also technical problems cannot be excluded. Please note: applications must meet the requirements of the host university (GPA, study level, language skills, etc.) and must be submitted completely and on time.

Please note that in order to be considered for a PROMOS Study or Internship Abroad Scholarship you must apply separately. Please refer to the respective website for details. Information about other funding opportunities is outlined on our Financing Your Studies Abroad page.



A selection committee will select suitable applicants based on the submitted materials. The committee is made up of the respective Rector's delegate and representatives from the RWTH International Office, two faculties, and the student body. You will receive feedback about the selection result via email approximately three to six weeks after the application deadline. Please refrain from asking about the status of your application.

If you are selected, the International Office will nominate you to the host university, which makes the final decision regarding admission or acceptance.

If you have been selected to study abroad via RWTHweltweit, you can have proof of your stay or the length of your stay issued from the MoveOn application portal at any time, should you need it.

Who allocates the study placements?

The RWTH International Office nominates you as a preferred candidate if you are selected, however, the host university makes the final admission decision.

Application to the Host University

The application process to the host university is initiated after RWTH announces you will be nominated.

The partner university may require special certificates like documentation of language skills, such as the TOEFL test. For any of our partner universities in Asia, the Abitur certificate or a language exam taken through the Language Center are sufficient proof. Some universities require a recommendation letter as part of the application. RWTH will inform you of all the necessary documents after selection.


Your Application Documents

  1. A current transcript of records, which you can download via RWTHonline. Students studying medicine should contact for a copy of their transcript of records. If you have already completed your Bachelor's, please also submit your transcript of records for your Bachelor's degree.
  2. Tabular resume/CV in English. You are free to choose the format that suits you best (American-style resume or European-style CV)
  3. Suitable proof of language skills in the language of instruction
  4. Further voluntary documentation, such as awards, proof of volunteer work, BeBuddy, etc. Please note: Do not send any thesis, paper or other work with the application.
  5. Information on courses you want to attend at the host institution; short letter of motivation, that is, a summary of why you want to study abroad, providing both subject-specific and general/personal reasons. This information must be entered in the text field provided for this purpose in the application portal.Please provide this information for each university that you are applying to

Application Requirements

  1. You are enrolled at RWTH as a degree student.
  2. You are in your third semester or later at the time of application.
  3. You have earned at least 50 percent of the average number of credit points each semester. Students in their third semester must have at least 30 credit points for example. Example: Two semesters with 30 credits each, divided by two semesters, results in a total of 30 credits.
  4. You have at least a B1 language level in the language of instruction at your host school. You must provide proof of this via a language certificate or your Abitur or final examination certificate. This corresponds to five or six years of school lessons, for example an Abitur after the twelfth or thirteenth grade. Possible exceptions to this regulation are outlined in the profiles of our partner universities.
  5. Please check the profiles of our partner universities to find out the minimum academic performance requirements: Some universities require a minimum grade for the exchange. Applicants who do not have this minimum grade will be rejected by partner universities.
    Please note: Some universities state a GPA as the minimum grade. Please check the information on grade conversions in this document. GPAs are mandatory requirements of the parter university. Applications that do not meet the required GPA are invalid.

Tips and Hints

Please also take note of our answers to