T.I.M.E. Double Master Program


Exchange Program

between France, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Japan, Spain, Russia, Brazil, and Germany

The goal behind the abbreviation T.I.M.E. Top Industrial Managers in Engineering is to train particularly qualified engineering students for employment in the worldwide job market. Training takes place at two T.I.M.E. partner universities, resulting in participants receiving two certified degrees. This form of a double degree should not be confused with a degree in a course of study that is offered by two universities.

Whoever participates in a T.I.M.E. program, must plan for a longer period of study. The time for studies spent abroad means not only a broader and more advanced technical education. What is more important is that the one and half to two year stay at a foreign partner university enables one to intensively learn the culture and language of another country. T.I.M.E. graduates will profit from these experiences their entire lives.


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