ENHANCE European Education Pathways

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Sabine Derichs

Enhance Mobility Coordinator


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Five Courses of Study as Pilot Pathways

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

M.Sc. Computer Science

M.Sc. Energy Engineering

M.Sc. Urban Planning


What is ENHANCE?

Together with six other leading technical universities, RWTH Aachen University has founded the European alliance ENHANCE – European Universities of Technology Alliance. The initiative is part of the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission and is supported by the DAAD. Together, the seven partner universities pursue the vision of a European university that transcends national borders and enables unrestricted mobility.

In addition to RWTH, the participating universities include:

Chalmers University of Technology

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Politecnico di Milano

Technische Universität Berlin

Universitat Politècnica de València

Warsaw University of Technology

What Are the European Education Pathways?

With the European Education Pathways, EEP for short, you gain access to a new and innovative range of courses offered by the ENHANCE Alliance. This consists of courses from all partner universities that are pre-approved and recognized for RWTH. As a student of the participating pilot courses of study, this program offers you the opportunity to individually select courses – whether virtual or face-to-face – from a constantly growing catalog and integrate them into your curriculum. The pre-approval of the courses guarantees a smooth recognition process.


Advantages of the EEP Program

  • Simplified recognition of credits acquired outside Germany
  • Extensive course catalog - outlined on the ENHANCE Education Dashboard
  • Additional Erasmus+ places, exclusively for the EEP program and the respective pilot course of study
  • Financial support, generally via Erasmus+
  • Support in preparing for an exchange:
  • In addition, ENHANCE Certificate Programs can be completed:
    • ENHANCE Certificate in Sustainable Entrepreneurship
    • ENHANCE Certificate in Climate Action
    • ENHANCE Certificate in Sustainability
    • ENHANCE Certificate in Data Literacy

First Steps

First, you decide which one of the ENHANCE partner universities you would like to study at. Note that it is also possible to study for one or two consecutive semesters at two different universities. In addition to the extensive ENHANCE module catalog with its constantly growing number of pre-approved and recognized courses, you can also take a look at the other modules offered by your selected partner university. You are, therefore, as flexible as possible in creating your curriculum.



You can apply via our Central Portal for Study Abroad Placements as usual. You will need to use the Erasmus+ and Faculty Partner form.

An overview with information on the application process, deadlines, and further FAQs can be found on our Erasmus+ study abroad pages.

Only students in the above-mentioned pilot courses of study can participate in the EEP program. Please note that for some Pilot Pathways, students may choose from among several RWTH courses of study. Students in the M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering pathway, for example, can choose from a range of master's courses offered by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. For an overview of available options, please refer to the Excel file available for download.


Further Exchange Opportunities With ENHANCE

Research Stays

Benefit from ENHANCE's network of research-strong universities with existing joint research projects. Find out about these opportunities from the international coordinator at your faculty and use connections from institutes and chairs. Research internships at ENHANCE partner universities can also be funded through Erasmus+.

Summer and Winter Schools

Every year, ENHANCE offers Summer and Winter Schools on a wide range of topics. Participation in a summer school can be listed as an extracurricular activity in your Certificate International.


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The students of RWTH Aachen University are looking forward to the opportunities that the ENHANCE Alliance will bring. ENHANCE promises to connect students from some of the best universities in Europe, create a more diverse study environment, and ensure greater interdisciplinary mobility between all possible fields of study.

Alex Schütt, Master's student at RWTH