After Your Period Abroad


Students of RWTH Aachen University can apply to the examination board of their degree program for recognition of competencies, qualifications or achievements gained during temporary stays abroad.



For Erasmus periods abroad, an Online Learning Agreement, OLA for short, must be drawn up on planned study achievements and possible recognition.


The legal basis for the recognition procedures at RWTH Aachen University are the regulations of the NRW State University Act, based on the Lisbon Convention, where these are relevant to the recognition. The recognition examination serves to determine whether there is a significant difference between the competencies acquired and the competencies that are to be acquired. The basis for recognition in terms of competence are, in particular, the learning outcomes achieved at another university or in another study program.

Before the Period Abroad

Before going abroad, students should first obtain information on their own about possible recognition. In particular, they can take advantage of the advice offered by the relevant faculty or department. If available, we recommend that orientation lists on already examined recognitions be taken into account. In any case, a binding agreement on possible recognitions should be made with the responsible examination board. For Erasmus students, an Online Learning Agreement must be created based on this. While the possible recognitions are being reviewed, the students are required to actively cooperate; this applies in particular to them having to submit meaningful documents.

During the Period Abroad

At the beginning of the period abroad, it is first important for students to ensure that all planned courses are actually offered. If this is not the case, any necessary changes to the recognition agreement should be discussed with the examination board without delay. Erasmus students must immediately record the corresponding changes in the Online Learning Agreement for Changes. Again, prior consultation with the faculty or department is required.

After the Period Abroad

Recognition of previously agreed upon credits will only take place if students submit an official application for recognition to the examination board of their degree program. Prior to this, the  recommendations for grade conversion at RWTH should be taken into account. You are not obliged to apply for the previously reviewed recognitions. We recommend that you apply for the desired recognitions promptly after your return. Recognition can also be applied for services rendered for which no recognition agreement was possible in advance.


Grade Conversion

The recommendations for grade conversion at RWTH and a conversion table can be found here: