Soft Skills and Intercultural Competence

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Welcome to our web pages concerned with the topic of intercultural competence and soft skills


Apart from general information and useful links on complementary education opportunities such as workshops, seminars, and information events you can get informed on our Be Buddy mentoring programme, whose aim is to provide newly arrived international students with mentors or "buddies", i.e. socially engaged RWTH student volunteers who would liketo support them in the process of settling into university life in Aachen. Be Buddy

Certificate International

If you take part in our Certificate International programme, we issue you with a document which provides evidence of your extra-curricular activities and voluntary work, listing all of your skill-building activities at a glance! In this way you don't need to collect a pile of social skills certificates for all of your activities – this document communicates your intercultural competence to your future employer.


German and English Courses for International Researchers and Doctoral Students

Financed by DAAD funds, the Language Center at RWTH Aachen University offers German and English language courses for visiting researchers and PhD students.

Further Courses and Seminars to Complement your Studies and Research

  • The Language Centre also offers German as a Foreign Language courses for international students; these courses are taught during the semester and should fit into the students' study plans. For third year students (students who have passed their intermediate exam), the Language Centre offers individual consultations concerning written work such as essays, research papers, and written theses.
  • Under the rubric of "Prepared for Study", the Center for Learning and Knowledge Management provides complementary seminars for German and international students on topics such as Rhetoric, Problem Solving, Learning and Work Behaviour Training Strategies, etc.
  • The Student Advice Centre does not only provide (prospective) students with information on all questions relating to studying at RWTH (such as degree programmes, requirements, et cetera), but also offers psychological counselling services (e.g. concerning learning difficulties or exam anxiety) and organises courses on learning behaviour, exam preparation, et cetera. The program for the summer semester 2023 can be found in the linked document.
  • The Career Center of RWTH Aachen University offers a comprehensive events and seminar programme which is to provide students with the necessary skills and information to be able to compete on the global job market and find a wide range of employment opportunities. Topics include project management, strategy development, writing applications in English, etc.