Summer and Winter Schools

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There are numerous universities worldwide, who offer summer and winter schools on campus during their lecture-free periods.


The two to six-week stays involve a mix of language courses and cultural studies, and/or subject-specific courses. In addition to gaining valuable specialist knowledge, participation in these courses allows you to deeply experience the language and culture of your destination country and city. In addition, you will be able to participate in numerous leisure activities and excursions to meet and interact with even more people. This gives you the opportunity to build lasting friendships with amazing individuals not only from your destination country but from all over the world.

Under the following links you will find offers from our most important partner universities worldwide. These offers are not complete and will not be updated. If you are interested, please check out the websites of our partner universities and contact them directly.

Summer Schools

Winter Schools


IDEA League

The IDEA League is a network of five leading technical universities in Europe: TU Delft, ETH Zürich, Chalmers University of Technology, RWTH Aachen, and Politecnico di Milano.

Every year the IDEA League offers summer schools for students and doctoral candidates of its partner universities. Online applications can be submitted via the IDEA League website. Target groups for the summer schools include Master's students and doctoral candidates.

You can find an overview of the summer schools offered and the application requirements on the IDEA League website.


IGCS Summer and Winter Schools

The Indo-German Centre for Sustainability, IGCS for short, teaches and conducts research on current sustainability challenges in the areas of energy, water and waste management as well as land use and planning issues for rural and urban areas.

Annual Winter Schools in Chennai and Summer Schools in Germany give Master students and doctoral candidates the chance to network with others and learn more about these topics in a multicultural setting.

Up to 30 selected candidates will be supported with a DAAD-scholarship that covers travel expenses and a lump sum. Details about application periods and procedures will be posted on the IGCS website and on the IGCS Facebook page.

IGCS is organized by RWTH Aachen University and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in Chennai, with strong support from the TU9 members University of Stuttgart and Technical University Berlin, as well as Kiel University.