Layout- the RWTH BlueCard at a glance

  Example of an RWTH BlueCard Copyright: © RWTH Aachen

The RWTH Aachen BlueCard lives up to its name: Like the University's logo, the card also comes in the standard RWTH blue color.  The front side of the card also depicts a frontal view of the University Main Building.


The RWTH Aachen BlueCard contains a photo of the owner, their first and last name, and their ID number.

In order to receive an RWTH BlueCard, please upload a photo to Self Service. This is the prequisite for the University to issue you a BlueCard. With the photo on your RWTH BlueCard, you can identify yourself within the University. This is convenient for example, when taking exams. With the RWTH BlueCard you no longer additionally need to show your personal identification card, driver's license, or passport.


Please Note

We cannot issue you an RWTH BlueCard if you do not upload a picture. In the event that you lose your card, please check whether your photo is still available in the Self Service application and if not, upload a new one.