RWTH BlueCard

  A staff member giving a student his BlueCard Copyright: © Martin Braun

Since summer semester 2011, a handy card, officially the RWTH BlueCard, has served as a student ID, a payment card in the dining halls and cafeterias, a library card, and proof of ID for entry to written exams as well as to the University Sports Center and elections within the University.


Please Note

For those newly enrolling in the 2023/24 winter semester, your BlueCard will be sent to you by mail to the mailing address you have entered in RWTHonline, from October 1, 2023. However, this only applies if the correspondence address was given in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg. Otherwise you will be informed by e-mail about the further procedure. Please note that delivery may take approximately three weeks from the date it has been processed. Please make sure that your mailing address is always up to date. You can verify or update your mailing address in RWTHonline at any given time by clicking on the "Current/Home Address" application after you have logged in to the system. First, call up your so-called personal business card and then the corresponding application.



+49 241 80 90111




As of winter semester 2014/15, the date of expiration is no longer printed on the BlueCard!


Student ID

Since the RWTH BlueCard contains a photo, you do not have to verify yourself within the University with an additional official photo ID. In special cases – such as when taking an exam – you may be asked to present your official photo ID.

Tip: With your student ID, you can get a discount or student price at many establishments, for example theaters, movie theaters, or swimming pools.

You sometimes have to provide additional identification, showing that you are actually currently enrolled. You can download enrollment certificates through RWTHonline as additional identfication. Note: You no longer automatically receive these with your semester documents.


Three Valid Variations of the BlueCard

  1. 1
    The word "valid" is printed above a black strip, which covers the expiration date.
  2. 2
    The expiration date until now remains unchanged on the card. Even if the date has past, the card will remain valid!
  3. 3
    The white area under the photo will remain empty. There will no longer be any information about the BlueCard's validity.

Expiration Date No Longer to Appear on BlueCard Starting WS 2014/2015

Up until recently the expiration date was printed on the BlueCards. In order for students to avoid requesting a new BlueCard after the expiration date, the date will no longer be printed on the cards starting winter semester 2014/2015; newly enrolled students will automatically receive BlueCards without the expiration date printed on them.

In order for enrolled RWTH students, who still possess a valid card or whose card has already expired, to avoid getting a new card, the following options area available:

  1. Enrolled students can have a black strip and the word "Valid" printed over the date of expiration during the 2014/2015 winter semester. Students have already been informed of this option.

  2. Alternatively, the date of validity, for example 04/2011 bis 03/2015, may already have passed or will expire in the future. The student is still enrolled and did not choose to have the black strip printed on their card.

As a result, three different types of cards are valid! You can see them illustrated in the pictures in the gallery:


Note for Students with a BlueCard Without a Chip:

Please note that you need a visitor card and current proof of your student status, e.g. semester ticket or certificate of enrollment, for the cashless payments in the Student Services‘ cafeterias.

Authentication when Voting

Use the RWTH BlueCard when voting for committees or student parliament. Bring it with you to the voting station, where you submit your vote. Through an online database and use of the BlueCard, it will be noted that you participated in the vote. This way the University can determine if a person is voting multiple times.


The RWTH BlueCard enables you to pay easily, anonymously, and without cash in dining halls and cafeterias. You can also load funds to your RWTH BlueCard at one of the terminals there. Soon you will be able to pay library fees and use the card for printing, copying, and scanning.

Aachen Student Services oversees the payment function.

Library Card

If you want to take out materials from the University Library, the RWTH BlueCard serves as a user ID. Whatever you take out will be noted in your library account through the barcode on the backside of the RWTH BlueCard. You can log into your user account with your TIM identification and library password or with the card number (left side over the barcode) and your library password.

University Sports Participation Verification

In order for you to use the RWTH BlueCard as entrance verification to the university gym, the RWTH card number must have already been currently entered once in the database of the University Sports Center (Hochschulzentrum-HSZ).

This is possible at sport and game control point at the external sport facilities, at check-in in the Königshügel Sport Hall, in the Ahornstraße, and in the HSZ secretary's office during office hours.

In the future, the RWTH BlueCard will also serve:

  • as the semester ticket in the ÖPNV
  • as an e-wallet for library fees
  • for printing, copying, and scanning
  • as a lock system for doors and lockers