Registration Processes for Bachelor and Master Students

As a student enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's course of study, you will generally need to register for exams via RWTHonline. Please note that, as a rule, you have to register for courses (lecture, seminar, tutorial) and for the associated exam or seminar paper separately. Please see the RWTHonline documentation portal for detailed instructions on this.

You can find more detailed information in your study or subject-specific exam regulations or the comprehensive examination regulation, which you can find under Official Announcements. You can also contact your departmental advisor if you have more questions.

Please note that there is not just one standard registration deadline to abide by because the deadline varies according to the registration process.  Please check the deadlines that apply for each of the exam dates you would like to register for carefully.

The de-registration deadlines are generally the same regardless of the exam type. You can cancel up to three business days before the exam date or withdraw with a confirmation from the examination board or doctor’s note. You can find more information on Registration, Cancellation & Withdrawal. Check your course of study or subject-specific exam regulations or the comprehensive examination regulation on Official Announcements to find out which guidelines apply to you.

Deadlines for Exam Registration

As a rule, the exam registration deadline starts at the beginning of the lecture period each semester. This does not apply to a small number of exams with earlier or extended registration deadlines, such as those associated with some seminars and internships. For this reason, we advise you to regularly check the information provided by your faculty or department.


Registration for Repeat Exams During the Same Semester

If there are two dates available for an exam during the exam period, you can choose one at the time of registration.

If there are two dates available for an exam during the exam period, and you did not pass the exam on the first date or submitted a withdrawal or doctor's note, you can register for the second date up to seven days before the exam date.

If no exam date has been specified, please check with the respective institute for information.

Registration for Auflagenprüfungen, Early Master's Work, and Exams Within the Framework of Curriculum Changes

You can register for Auflagenprüfungen (exams for additional requirements) using Curriculum Support on RWTHonline.

You have to register all Master's components completed earlier than scheduled via Curriculum Support. However, not every single module in the system is open for student-initiated registration. Please check ahead of time whether you can see all the modules you want to register for in Curriculum Support. If you do, register by the regular registration deadline using Curriculum Support . If you do not see them listed, please contact ZPA before the regular registration deadline, so that any missing modules can be entered. You can then register for them yourself.

Oral Supplemental Exam for Bachelor and Master Students

All of the Bachelor's and Master's exam regulations include provisions for an oral supplemental exam. This applies if you have taken a second repeated written exam and have not passed. If you pass the oral exam, you will receive a grade of 4.0 for the course.

Additional information is available on Oral Supplemental Exam.


You can view your examination dates here: 

  1. On RWTHonline, the first tab of the Exam Registration application provides you with an overview of exam dates for which you are registered.
  2. In the second tab of the Exam Registration application, you can also actively search for exam dates.
  3. You can also view your exam dates in the Curriculum Support application. For further details, please refer to the section "Prüfungsanmeldung kontrollieren" (de) in the RWTHonline Documentation Portal.
  4. Your examiners should of course also be able to provide you with information on exam dates.

Representation Through an Authorized Person

If there is an important reason why you cannot register yourself personally at ZPA, you can authorize someone else to represent you or alternatively send your registration to ZPA via fax or email.  Please remember to sign the registration and include a copy of your student ID. 


Registration FAQs

Can I register for or cancel an exam via telephone?

No, you can neither register for nor cancel an exam via telephone. However, depending on the degree and registration guidelines for your course of study, you can register within the respective registration period via RWTHonline.

How can I find out how and where I need to register for an exam?

Registration procedures can be found in your exam regulations. Normally, your examiner will also share these with you. If neither of these helps you, please contact your departmental advisors.

I've registered for a course (e.g. a lecture or lab) via RWTHonline. Do I also need to separately register via RWTHonline for the exam?

Yes, typically you have to separately register. Registration for a course does not mean that you are automatically registered for an exam.

Where can I check which exams I am registered for?

Log in to RWTHonline as if you were registering for exams. Under the heading "Prüfungsanmeldung" you can see an overview of all the exams you are registered for. Detailed instructions can be found on the pages of the RWTHonline-Dokuportal. You can find further information on the Checking Your Registration page.

Can I repeat an exam which I have already passed in order to improve my grade?

No, this is not permitted in Bachelor's and Master's courses of study.