Extensions and Changing Your Title



Extensions of the thesis writing time can be granted in individual cases: bachelor's theses can be extended by a maximum of four weeks and master's theses by a maximum of six weeks. You must submit a justified application to the relevant examination board, which will decide on the matter in consultation with your examiners. Please note that a temporary illness is not considered a valid reason for extending the writing time.

An exception to this rule is the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering courses of study. There, extensions of two weeks can be granted informally without students giving reasons to the staff at the ZPA. Please contact your responsible administrator.

Students with a chronic illness or a disability can, however, be granted an extension of the writing time as a “Nachteilsausgleich” (alternative study arrangements).

As soon as we have received the relevant decision from your examination board, we will enter the new submission date in RWTHonline. You can see it under the "My achievements" tab.


Changing the Title

If you would like to change the title of your thesis after you have registered it, you usually need the approval of the examination board. Please contact your responsible contact person there as early as possible.

In some degree programs, however, the title on the cover sheet of the submitted work may differ from the registered title. Therefore, please find out as early as possible what the regulations are in your course of study.

As soon as we have received the decision from your examination board, we will enter the new title in RWTHonline, which you can see via the "My Achievements" tab.

Please note: If we notice after submission that the title on your cover sheet differs from the one indicated on your registration form, we cannot forward your thesis to the examiners. In this case, you will have to either submit a new cover sheet with the original title or contact your examination board with a request for a change of title. Until we receive the corresponding decision, your thesis will remain with us at the ZPA.