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Registering for Exams

As a student enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s course of study, you will generally need to actively register for your exams via RWTHonline. Please note that when you register for a course, it does not mean that, at that point, you are automatically registering for the corresponding exam or term paper as well. You always have to register for courses and exams separately.

Please register via the Curriculum Support application in RWTHonline. You can find detailed instructions on the process on the RWTHonline documentation portal.

If you cannot register for an exam, please contact the chair or department offering the exam within the registration deadlines.

Registration Deadlines

For many exams (primarily written exams, but also other forms of exams), uniform registration deadlines apply throughout the university:

Winter semester Summer semester
Registration window opens November 15 May 15
Registration window closes January 15 July 1

Please note, however, that some faculties may set different deadlines. Therefore, please find out early in the semester when you can register for the exams you would like to take. You can find this information in RWTHonline under the exam date for the exam. Please see the RWTHonline documentation portal for details on the process.

If you would like to register for a repeat date in the same semester, you can decide which date you would like to choose directly during registration. In principle, registration for a second exam date in the same semester is possible up to seven days before the exam date.

Registering for Auflagenprüfungen

You can register for Auflagenprüfungen (exams for additional requirements) in RWTHonline yourself using the Curriculum Support application. In individual cases, we – the ZPA team – may have to add the requirements beforehand. If you cannot find the requirements you want to register for in Curriculum Support, please get in touch with your designated contact person.

Registering for Early Master’s Work

You can also register for early Master’s work in RWTHonline yourself using the Curriculum Support application. The corresponding area will be activated automatically as soon as you have reached 120 CP. In some degree programs (e.g. in the teaching-related Bachelor’s programs), the activation is carried out manually by the responsible ZPA team member. Therefore, before the registration period ends, please ensure you can see the desired exams. If this is not the case, please get in touch with your designated contact person within the corresponding registration period so that the area can be activated and/or modules can be added. Please note that you will then have to register for the exam yourself.



I have problems registering for a course. Can you help me?

Unfortunately, no. We have no insight into course administration. This is the sole responsibility of the faculties or chairs. Please contact the responsible chair or, if necessary, your departmental advisor.

I missed the registration deadline for an exam. Can you register me?

Late registration for an exam outside the registration period is only possible with the approval of the examination board. Therefore, please contact your responsible examination board or its corresponding contact person. As soon as we have received notification of your late registration, we will register you for the exam.

Where can I see which exams I am registered for?

Once you have logged in to RWTHonline, open the Exams application. There you can see your registered exams under the My exam dates tab.