Canceling Module Grades if Your Course is Completed in the Standard Time

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Please Note

Deleting module grades does not always improve the overall grade. Calculate the effects of the deletion beforehand.


Most of the study program or subject-specific examination regulations allow you to delete module grades if you complete your studies within the standard period of time. In this case, the grade of one or more modules is replaced by "passed" and is therefore not included in the calculation of the overall grade. However, the original grade is shown in a separate section.

To find out which modules can be deleted in your program, please refer to your program-specific or subject-specific examination regulations, which can be found in the Official Announcements. As a rule, you will find the necessary information in the paragraph "Assessment of examination achievements and formation of grades".

A module grade cancellation will only be performed upon request. This form must be filled out to submit such a request. Please send this to your advisor, if possible by e-mail. The application must be submitted to us no later than one week after the results of your last examination have been entered. Of course, you can also submit it earlier. Please note, however, that we will still only implement the grade cancellation as soon as your degree has been awarded and it is clear that you have completed your studies in the standard period of time. Once a module grade cancellation has been implemented, it cannot be reversed.



I am studying a Bachelor's degree program related to teaching. Can I have modules cancelled in each of my subjects?

Yes, you can usually have one or more grades cancelled in each of the two teaching subjects. There are no module grade deletions in the educational science program. You will find further information in your subject-specific examination regulations.