Examination Regulations and Module Handbooks

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Please be aware

All currently valid degree program and subject-specific examination regulations as well as the comprehensive examination regulations can be found in the Official Announcements.

You can find expired versions of the examination regulations in the Archive of official announcements.


General examination regulations

For Bachelor's and Master's degree programs, there are general examination regulations that contain regulations that apply to all degree programs, including the evaluation of examinations, the repetition of examinations, and graduation documents. Separate general examination regulations exist for each of the teaching-related Bachelor's degree programs, the teaching-related Master's degree programs, and for the extension of a teaching-related degree.

The general examination regulations relevant to you only apply in conjunction with your course-specific or subject-specific examination regulations. The overarching examination regulations for the extension of a teaching degree only apply in conjunction with the general examination regulations for the teaching-related Bachelor's and Master's degree programs and the respective subject-specific examination regulations.

Course-specific or subject-specific examination regulations

Your course-specific or subject-specific examination regulations contain rules that relate specifically to the course or subject you are studying. These include, among other things, regulations regarding the degree awarded upon successful completion, the calculation of grades, the final thesis, or the cancellation of module grades. Your course-specific or subject-specific examination regulations only apply in conjunction with the overarching examination regulations that apply to you.

Supplementary provisions

In the summer semester 2020, winter semester 2020/21, summer semester 2021 and winter semester 2021/22, supplementary regulations to the general examination regulations were issued, which contained special regulations that responded to the problems and imponderables that arose as a result of the Corona pandemic. These supplementary regulations contained, among other things, provisions for the extension of the individual standard period of study and the free attempts. Since the summer semester of 2022, none of these supplementary provisions have been valid.


Module Catalogs/Module Handbooks

Module catalogs were replaced by module handbooks in the 2020 summer semester. Module handbooks for each course of study and examination regulation are available on RWTHonline and are listed by semester. Instructions can be found on the RWTH Wiki.

For winter semester 2018/2019, summer semester 2019, and winter semester 2019/2020 you will also find module catalogs in the module catalog archive. The module catalogs were only valid in the named semesters. A module catalog is not available for every degree program or every version of the examination regulations.

For the period prior to the 2018/19 winter semester, you will find the module catalogs as an appendix to the corresponding degree program or subject-specific examination regulations. You can find these in the official announcements archive.