Credit Transfer at RWTH

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General Notes

In principle, there are six cases where credit can be transferred:

  • Changing degree program within RWTH
  • Changing university (in Germany and elsewhere)
  • A temporary stay abroad
  • Double degree program
  • Young students (early admission)
  • Recognition of other knowledge and qualifications (e.g. from work experience)

Credit for assessments taken in courses of study at RWTH, at other state or state-recognized universities, at state or state-recognized vocational academies, or at state or state-recognized universities outside Germany can potentially be transferred. In addition, according to § 63 a (7) HG (Higher Education Act) NRW, other knowledge and qualifications can be recognized if they are equivalent in content and level.


Temporary Stay Abroad

You can find special information on recognition after temporary stays abroad here:


Recognition Process

Recognition can only be granted if the student applies for it via the examination board of their degree program. A requested recognition will be granted if there is no significant difference between the acquired competencies and the assessments that shall be replaced.

As a student, you must submit documents in German or English to enable a review. The documents must, in particular, contain statements on the assessments passed or completed (for example in the form of a certificate or transcript of records) and the competencies acquired thereby (for example based on the module information).

There is no deadline for submitting an application for recognition. The assessment for which recognition has been granted may no longer be taken at RWTH. The grade will be transferred and included in your overall grade calculation, provided that the grading systems are comparable. For necessary conversions of grades for assessments completed abroad, please check the recommendations for grade conversions at RWTH.

The examination board will notify you of its decision on recognition in an official notification. If the decision is positive, the Central Examination Office will receive a copy of the decision and will record the recognized achievements in RWTHonline. A negative notification contains an explanation of the legal and factual reasons for the decision as well as a justification for the conclusion of significant differences.


Responsible Bodies

The examination board for the respective degree program is responsible for recognition.

Further information on procedures and details of the application process is available via the following pages:

Faculty 1
Department of Biology Recognition of Assessments
Department of Chemistry Service Center Chemistry
Department of Computer Science

Study Center Computer Science


Department of Mathematics Academic Advising
Department of Physics


Recognition of Assessments Completed Outside Germany

Faculty 2
Faculty of Architecture

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Faculty 3
Faculty of Civil Engineering

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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Recognition Procedures
Faculty 5
Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering

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Division of Materials Science and Engineering

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Recognition of Assessments Completed Outside Germany

Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering Examination Boards
Faculty 6
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

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Credit Transfer

Faculty 7
Faculty of Arts and Humanities

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Faculty 8
School of Business and Economics Recognized Modules
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