IGCS Summer and Winter Schools

  Picture of the participants Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter  

Since 2012, the IGCS has continuously organised summer and winter schools of different aspects of sustainability in order to promote the cooperation between Indian and German universities.

The schools serve as a platform for German-Indian academic exchange between students, doctoral candidates, and scientists, and as a hub for further networking in the topic of sustainability.

Year Dates Location Title
2022 February 21 to March 4 Online Sustainable Waste Management for a Circular Economy
2021 July 12 to 23 Online Sustainable Water Management at the Saltwater – Freshwater Interface
February 22 to March 7 Online Sustainable Inland Water Transportation for Blue Economy
2020 October 5 to 16 Online Smart Sustainable Cities: Focus on Urban Mobility
February 15 to 29 IIT Madras

Sustainability in the Peri-scene: Human settlements, food, ecology and governance

2019 June 15 to 26 TU Dresden Smart Grids – Electricity Networks as the Backbone of a Carbon Neutral Society
February 23 to March 8 IIT Madras Sustainable Waste Management: Municipal Solid Waste and e-Waste. How can waste be reduced and recycled in rapidly growing cities?
2018 July 14 to 25 RWTH Aachen University Coastal and River Hazards and Management Strategies
February 24 to March 7 IIT Madras Smart Grids – Sustainable Integration of Renewables for Tomorrow’s Power Grid
2017 July 15 to 28 RWTH Aachen University

Sanitation-Water-Health Nexus for Sustainable Development

RWTH Aachen press notifaction on the 2017 summer school

February 20 to March 4 IIT Madras Sustainable Urban Water and Wastewater Management: India – Germany
2016 July 9 to 18 TU Berlin

Biomass and Coal – Two Carbon Fuels of Different Ages: German and Indian Perspectives

February 22 to March 5 IIT Madras Sustainable Application of Liquid Biofuels
2015 May 27 to June 10 CAU Kiel University Sustainable Water Management in Rural Landscapes
March 2 to 15 IIT Madras Sustainable Water Management in Urban Areas
2014 June 16 to 28 University of Stuttgart

Sustainable Management of Resources – Closing the Loop: Solid Waste and Waste Water Management

March 3 to 16 IIT Madras

Sustainability in Theory and Practice – Exploring sustainable development


July 2 to 15 RWTH Aachen University Sustainable Development of Future Urban Environments – Integrated Approaches for Sustainable Waste and Water Management
February 24 to March 10 IIT Madras Growth and Sustainability in a Highly Dynamic City – Exploring the Urban Development in South Chennai

July 7 to 18 TU Berlin Meeting the Challenges of Advanced Energy Systems of the Future
February 20 to March 4 IIT Madras Meeting the Challenges of Sustainability in a Socio-Economically Dynamic Region of South-East India


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