RWTH – IIT Madras Junior Research Fellowships


Please note

From now on, applications for a Junior Research Fellowship are only to be submitted via an online form, which you will find further down in the Online Application section. Any applications that are only submitted via email or by postal mail will be considered incomplete. In case of technical problems or questions regarding the procedure, please contact .

Key Info

Basic Information

Target Group:
Doctoral Candidates
Master’s Students
Direction / Place:



Fabian Falter

Coordinator, Strategic India Activities


+49 241 80 90609



Who Can Apply?

Master students and doctoral candidates from IIT Madras and RWTH Aachen University


    Scholarship Amount and Funding Period

    Master's students

    • 900 euros per month for up to six months

    PhD students

    • 1,250 euros per month for three to six months

    After providing evidence of their greater need, single parents as well as individuals with chronic illnesses or disabilities can be awarded more funding.

    Purpose of the Fellowship

    • Conduct research for your Master's or PhD thesis

    Selection Criteria

    • Excellent academic performance
    • Strategic value for the partnership between RWTH and IIT Madras (please refer to "recommendation letter" under the heading "Application documents in English" for more information)

      Suggestions for the Best Time of Your Research Stay

      Plan at least six months in advance!


      Time of the Stay

      Incoming IIT Madras Students

      • Starting Oktober or November.

      Outgoing RWTH Students

      • Any time. If research work requires coursework, students are requested to start along with the commencement of the semesters at IIT Madras as follows:

        • Fall semester: Commences in the second week of July

        • Spring semester: Commences in the first week of January

      Application Deadlines

      For RWTH students:

      • March 31 and
      • September 30

      For IIT Madras students:

      • August 31, 2022 for the first round of application at IIT Madras, afterwards:
      • September 10, 2022 for the second round of application at RWTH

      Application Documents in English

      • CV with contact information (home address, email address)
      • Statement of purpose with reference to the research project, supervisor, duration and expected outcome, 1 to 2 pages in total
      • Recommendation letter of supervisor at home university: reference to the research project, expected outcome and/or future perspectives of cooperation
      • Confirmation of supervision from host university: reference to the research project and duration of the stay, expected outcome and/or future perspectives of cooperation
      • Certificate of enrollment at home university
      • Transcript of grades
      • Copy of passport

        Application Procedure

        Incoming IIT Madras students

        1. Send your application documents to , Office of Global Engagement, IIT Madras by the deadline August 31. You will be nominated by the Office of Global Engagement, IITM.
        2. Upon nomination, you must apply for a place via the online form for incoming students by the deadline September 10.
        3. If your application is successful, you will receive all necessary information for your stay at RWTH.

        Outgoing RWTH students

        1. Upload all your application documents in the online form for outgoing students.
        2. If your application is successful, you will receive all the necessary information for your stay at IIT Madras.