Information for Parents and Family

  Students in a lecture hall Copyright: © Martin Lux

The start of university studies represents a new chapter in life for thousands of first-year students at RWTH Aachen. Together with the student body, we as a university aim to offer all newly enrolled students the best possible start to their studies through the orientation week.


University studies distinguish themselves through the high amount of personal responsibility that students learn. We try to promote this right from the start during the first few days – for this reason the welcome addresses, orientation evnets, and orientation week are directly targeted towards new students. We can understand that you wish to accompany your child during this time – however, not least because of our limited room capacity, we ask that you let them experience all this by themselves.

If you are still interested in the orientation schedule for RWTH Aachen, you can refer to our scedule pages for Bachelor's orientation events for the rough weekly schedule of the student representative councils. After the welcome on Monday, first-year students are split up into tutorial groups. Students from higher semesters, so called tutors, will accompany and lead them. These groups often do activities in addition to the official program.

This year, we have of course taken the special situation into account and are offering many events virtually and have adapted any in-person events according to a hygiene concept drawn up by the respective individuals in charge and in compliance with the guidelines of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. Besides these events held by the University, the students themselves are responsible for behaving sensibly and appropriately.

How can I provide support during the first few days?

In many cases, starting studies is also linked to moving away from home – parents and family members look forward to regular phone calls from their children. But you should be understanding if they don't regularly call you. The first few days in particular are very busy and it's possible that they may just want to reflect on their experiences in peace.

Keep an open ear for first-year students. During the initial weeks there are many new impressions and experiences to process. The difference between school and university studies is also greater than many thought. Try to understand this – if necessary, you can always refer to RWTH Aachen's advising services.

Information for Parents and Guardians of Minors

In order for newly enrolled students to be able to use some of RWTH Aachen's services – for example exam registration and cancellation and using wifi at RWTH – you need provide general consent at the time of enrollment. Diese ist Teil des Immatrikulationsantrags.

Tutorials, led by students in higher semesters, independently take place during the orientation week. In these groups, social activities such as evening events outside of the university take place. Tutors are trained and learn the legalities of working with minors. However, you should advise your child to be responsible for him or herself, particularly with regards to alcohol.

Furthermore, the faculty student councils organize events such as multi-day tours for first-term students during the first weeks of study. Regulations for minors are defined and communicated by the student councils.