How Do I Go About Studying? Timetable and Assessments

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The Most Important Question for Every First-Year Student:


How do I compile my own timetable and how do I know which subjects to take?


Please Note

You will need a strong internet connection to take part in online courses. If you are looking for a new place to live in Aachen, you should carefully consider this aspect. You also need a WLAN-enabled laptop to work on.


First off, keep calm! The First-Year Orientation with the student council of your chosen course of study is the first step. To ease you into student life, you will compile the timetable for your first semester on RWTHonline together with a tutor.

It is absolutely essential you get to grips with the regulations of your course of study so you know the guidelines for your first semester and later.

The rules and requirements are stipulated in the course - or subject-specific examination regulations and in the General Examination Regulations – GER at RWTH. The GER applies to all Bachelor's degree programs with the exception of the teaching-training degree programs, where a different GER specific to that type of program applies.

The GER is a set of regulations on topics that apply to all courses of study, such as deadlines, registration and access to courses, and the total permissible number of examination attempts. The subject-specific examination regulations stipulate any additions to those in the GER and outline the specific structure of the course of study, such as the objectives, prerequisites, curriculum, and examinations. In addition, a plan of the modules in your course of study is included in the appendix.

A detailed description of the individual modules of your course of studies can be found in the module handbook, which is available on RWTHonline.

All examination regulations can be found on the Official Announcements page and usually also on the web pages of the faculties in your course of study.

It is absolutely crucial you know all the different regulations that apply to your course of study, because as a student it is your own responsibility to comply with it. If the regulations are not clear to you and you would like some help, your first point of contact is your departmental advisor.

In addition, you will find more further detailed and binding information on studies and teaching in RWTH's internal wiki.




Introduction to RWTH-online

This introduction to RWTHonline is aimed at students who are in their first semester. It guides you through the user interface, shows you how to register for, and de-register from, examinations and courses, how to compile your timetable, and points out the most important contacts that can help you with different issues.


To compile your own timetable according to your examination regulations, you must use RWTHonline – RWTH’s web-based Campus Management System. RWTHonline is a handy tool to organize many other aspects of your studies, besides your timetable: registration and de-registration of courses, exam registration and de-registration, your appointments, viewing module grades, printing certificate, and much more. You can also be find instructions on using RWTHonline in RWTH's internal Wiki.