Information for Prospective Students, Applicants, and Admitted Applicants for Winter Semester 2021/22


We would like to inform you about some of the offerings in place at RWTH Aachen University that should make it easier for you to start your studies.


Please take into account that unfortunately not all of the offers listed below are (adequately) available in English. If you have any specific questions, please get in touch with us via the Portal for Internationals.

Self Assessments – Deciding on the Right Subject for You via an Online Test

If you are trying to find out what the right course of study is for you, you can quickly feel overwhelmed by the many different subjects on offer. Therefore, RWTH established Self Assessments, SAM for short, to offer you appropriate guidance and assistance.

SAM is an online study guidance service, consisting of various questions and tasks for guidance or for individual subjects. After completing individual sections, the participants will receive individual, automated feedback on their strengths and weaknesses with regard to the requirements of a degree program.

The feedback is intended to support you in making a decision.

Smart Study Start – A More Relaxed Start to Your Studies

New students in winter semester 2021/22 have the opportunity to start their studies in natural sciences, engineering, and economics in the Smart Study Start project. In this project, you will start with modules in German, English, programming, and mathematics to help you in the transition from school to university. In the following semester, you will then start your chosen course of study. The project includes a mentoring program, helping you get familiar with learning to study in small groups.

Courses – Catching up on School Material and Acquiring Credits for Your Studies Ahead of Time

A new cross-university online mathematics course is aimed at both students and pupils. After successfully passing the course, you can start your studies with some credit points already on your transcript or have them credited as academic achievements.

From August to October 2021, RWTH will also offer a guided version of the online course. The HM4mint intensive course is credited as Higher Mathematics 1 in many courses of study. It is an intensively supervised online course with daily instructor hours and tutorials. Students who successfully take this course will find it easier to start their studies in October.

You can find more RWTH bridge courses here. All math courses will have a bonus point exam on school material at the beginning of the winter semester that will count toward the final exam. A similar arrangement with the bridge course in physics is in place for mechanical engineers.


Languages – Proof of German or English Knowledge

RWTH has adopted an extended regulation for the submission of proof of the required language skills (German or English) for admission to Bachelor's and Master's degree programs. Accordingly, students can acquire the necessary language skills during the first two semesters of the course of study and can submit their certificate by the end of the second semester. Students who would like to benefit from this option are recommended to attend an appropriate German or English course at the RWTH Language Center. We strongly recommend that applicants, who do not have the required language proficiency (level C1), take a test at level B2 before coming to Germany. In case that you do not have the opportunity to take a level B2 test, the language center of RWTH Aachen University offers a limited number of places in a placement test. However, participation in this test cannot be guaranteed.

During the first two semesters of your studies, we strongly recommend that you attend the relevant language courses offered by the RWTH Language Center to prepare for the required language test (level C1). Please note that in the event that the required language certificate is not submitted in the two semesters, re-registration for the third semester is not possible.

Information on the language courses offered is available on the websites for the German course offer and the English course offer.

If you have any questions regarding this access option, please send them to us via .


Coronavirus – Event and Course Participation

Please note that due to the pandemic situation, you will need a strong internet connection to take part in online courses. If you are looking for a new place to live in Aachen, you should carefully consider this aspect. You also need a WLAN-enabled laptop to work on.

We want to make it possible for you to study on site during the winter semester. Given the unclear pandemic situation, we strongly recommend that you take up vaccination offers promptly and are fully vaccinated by the time classes begin. Being fully vaccinated gives you the best chances of being able to participate in all in-person courses and events without any complications – such as testing before the start of the class or event.

If you are still looking for a vaccination appointment, you can find out what the University Medical Center has to offer.

Orientation Week – A Warm Welcome to University Life

For most people, starting their studies also means being part of a new environment. In order to help you get settled in, the student councils and the ESA team of RWTH organize Orientation Week every year. During this week, you will get to know the University and the city of Aachen as well as your fellow students. In small groups led by students from higher semesters, first-semester students take part in a wide variety of events, ranging from faculty welcomes, game nights with other groups, or the highlight of the week – the first-semester rally.

Unfortunately, at this stage, it is unclear whether the events will be able to continue as usual this year due to the ongoing situation with the coronavirus. Further and current information is always available on the ESA website and from your student council.


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