First-Year Orientation

  Students in a lecture hall at the orientation welcome © Andreas Schmitter

The Orientation Week for RWTH first-year students is once again being held for the 2021/22 winter semester – this time from October 4 to 8, 2021. The student representative councils will collaborate with the faculties, departments, and university administration to arrange this introductory week, so that new students can go to their first lectures well prepared, even in the current unusual circumstances.  


Getting to Know Studies and University and City Life

The goal is to successfully transition into student life, getting to know fellow students in addition to the university and city of Aachen, and having the best possible start here.

Unfortunately, due to the current situation with the coronavirus, we cannot hold the Orientation Week as usual. As things stand at present, large welcome events will probably be held virtually or the participants will be placed into smaller groups. So it is certainly still worthwhile to be in Aachen at this time!

Additionally, tutors from higher semesters will accompany first-year students during their first week at RWTH, happily answering all types of questions they may have. For further information on the planned program, please click on the page on Bachelor's orientation events.


Welcome Week for International Students

Starting with the 2017/18 winter semester the International Office will offer an additional welcome week for international students. This will be held one week before the orientation week. This offer is in English and is intended to facilitate the entry into the university for the new international students.


Students with Disabilities or a Chronic Illness

First-year orientation is for all students. That means students with a disability or chronic illness – such as autism –  are welcome to attend! If necessary you can always turn to the officers for the concerns of disabled and chronically ill students if you have questions or need support during the event and beyond. Additional information has been put together here.


The First-Semester Rally

The annual rally is usually the core of the Orientation Week. First-year students work through different fun stations from all 18 student representative councils and the central institutions with the goal of not only exploring the city and university but also meeting fellow students in small groups. The event is made possible through the close collaboration among the student representative councils, the Central University Administration, the Faculties, and the City of Aachen.



2020 Rally Canceled

Unfortunately the rally in its usual form had to be canceled this year. We may be able to offer the rally in an alternative form, where stations will be completed in smaller groups and at different times. Further information will follow shortly. To get to know the campus, try out our interactive campus tour.



  • Please contact your student representative council if you have questions about the first-year student week schedule.
  • If you have questions about the central coordination of RWTH Aachen first-year student work, you can contact the student-run First-Year Student Team, ESA Team for short, at
  • Further information is also available at the ESA Team website.

Please Note

We will be taking photos and making videos at the orientation week events. These will be published on our website and in both social and print media as part of our public relations work.

Please speak to the photographer directly or us if you either do not wish to be photographed at all or even just in a particular situation.