University Placement Swap

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What is a university placement swap?

You want to give up your university placement at RWTH Aachen, and get a spot at another German university in the same course of study. Simultaneously, another person at a different German university wants to trade their university placement for yours. Under certain conditions (see below), RWTH Aachen will honor your request for a university placement swap.

How do I find someone, who wants to trade university placements with me?

Through swap meets, for example the Ring Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten (RCDS) or through the Verein zur Förderung studentischer Belange e.V. (VSB). RWTH Aachen does not provide any support persons for university placement swaps.

What requirements do I need to fulfill in order to get permission for a university placement swap?

You must be enrolled in at least the second semester of a restricted admission degree program  You and your exchange partner must be registered for the same subject and be in the same course semester within Germany, and prove that your academic achievements thus far correspond to those of the exchange partner. Students in their first course semester cannot swap their university placement.

What is the official process for a university placement swap?

You need to submit a written request for a university placement swap to the Registrar's Office, no later than the beginning of the lecture period. Your respective contact person in the Registrar's Office will send you the request form in the mail. To request the form, please send an email to  with your mailing address.