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Coronavirus News Portal

Do you work from home and need technical support? The IT Center's Coronavirus information hub gives you an overview of the most important services and resources provided by the IT Center. There, you will also find detailed explanations and additional information, including how and when the team at the IT-ServiceDesk can be reached.



Eduroam - Up to Date All Over the World

Online on a global scale – instructions for members of RWTH on how to use eduroam via WiFi for free internet access that is not just limited to the university network.

Your Personal Email Address

When can you get it? How do you set it up? "". Answers to all questions about your personal email account at RWTH can be found in our documentation portal IT Center Help.



VPN - Work Securely From Home

Secure access to RWTH-internal web content even when working remotely - the VPN service for members of the University.

Well-Armed Against Viruses

The Sophos virus scanner is available free of charge for RWTH members - even for private use.

Perfectly Secure

Tips and tricks for peace of mind when working within the RWTH network.

User Certificates

For encrypted communication, a DFN-PKI certificate can be applied for in the certification portal.


Service, Guidance, Help

Guide for New Students

Our guide for new students provides an overview of all the steps necessary to activate the communication services for new students.

One for All - User Administration via Identity Management

Register once in Selfservice and then use one user ID for all online services offered by the IT Center.


RWTHonline is the campus management system of RWTH. Help with RWTHonline is available via the RWTHonline support form.


RWTHmoodle is the central web-based learning platform of RWTH Aachen University. Its virtual learning spaces offer a wide range of functions for implementing digital teaching formats.

The RWTH Aachen University App

The RWTHApp is available for iOS, Android and Windows 10 Desktop. The app gives students central access to important data such as timetables, study rooms, grade reports, and an overview of their items on loan from the university library.

A Quick Overview – Online Help

Instructions for activating network services, user administration Identity Management, software and other IT Center services.

Look It Up – Software Manuals

Students can obtain inexpensive manuals for common software at the IT Center's ServiceDesk.

IT ServiceDesk

The IT-ServiceDesk offers help with all IT services of the IT Center, for example RWTHonline, the RWTH email account, eduroam, VPN and activation.

Fit in Studies, Fit in IT

The IT Center's fiT team offers free training in IT - on topics such as LaTeX, Office products, SPSS for example - from students for students.


Benefits & Discounts

Great Deals on Software

In the software shop, university members can find low-cost and also free offers in various fields of application, such as MATLAB, Creo and OriginPro for statistical data analysis, Citavi and EndNote for literature management, as well as Microsoft Office.

Linux Installation Server

The IT Center provides current Linux software for download.

External Computing Power

Use our PC pools or the capacity of our high-performance computer for complex tasks.

Gigamove – Send Large Files Easily

Provide or request large amounts of data online using Gigamove – virus-checked – without using any other software at all.

Discover Hands-On Learning Thanks to the IT Academy Program

Free training on the Microsoft learning platform – an offer for RWTH members.

News From the World of Science

Read or post news via the central news server of the German Research Network.