Extracurricular and Leisure Activities

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Besides the outstanding range of courses and excellent research, you will also find many exciting and unique leisure activities and opportunities to get involved at RWTH. You can follow your interests, meet new people, and gain valuable experience.


This page provides a brief overview of the various volunteer and recreational opportunities available on campus and in the city of Aachen.

RWTH organizes numerous centralized recreational activities, such as those offered through the University Sports Center or the Language Center. There are also many student cultural events on the RWTH calendar, like the “Hörsaal Slam,” for example, which is organized by the AStA Students’ Committee. An overview of all student cultural events can be found in AStA’s calendar of events.

Volunteer work is also an important part of student leisure activities.

Options and offers for volunteer work in Aachen beyond the university can be found through the volunteering platform, or “Ehrenamtsbörse,” of the city of Aachen.

Student self-administration is another way to get involved – a perfect fit for students who want to help shape the university and gain (university) political experience. More information is available in German on the AStA website.

Last but not least, the numerous student initiatives at RWTH offer more unique opportunities for students looking to volunteer, work towards a common goal, or take part in fun leisure time activities. Currently, there are about 100 accredited student organizations at RWTH. These are supported and organized by students and span all areas of student interests, from sports and culture to technology and science to social and sustainability concerns or career development. Students are welcome to contact the initiatives directly if they are interested, or they can go through their respective websites and find out about upcoming events. An overview of the accredited student initiatives, including links to their websites, can be found on the Student Initiatives Overview page.



Betreuung studentischer Eigeninitiativen