Student Research Opportunities

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RWTH Aachen University offers students manifold opportunitites to get involved in university research projects early on in their studies. The present web pages provide you with information on opportunities to participate in research projects or get support for your own research activities.


UROP - Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

UROP is the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme of RWTH Aachen University. It aims to provide RWTH students as well as excellent students from partner universities in North America with the opportunity to carry out their own research projects under the guidance of experienced RWTH researchers. In this way UROP supports the University's research activities and involves young academics in exciting research early on in their university career.

UROP is made up of three different program components, each of them targeting another group of students:

  • UROP International is for US and Canadian students who come to RWTH during the summer months for ten weeks.
  • RWTH UROP gives RWTH’s undergraduate students the opportunity to carry out their own research projects at their home university’s facilities, while the third component,
  • UROP Abroad, enables RWTH students to conduct research at North American universities or research institutions.

Thus the program has a strong international orientation. It has been initiated as part of the Mobilizing People measure the Excellence Inititative by the German federal and state governments.

E.ON Energy Research Center

The RWTH Aachen E.ON Energy Research Center (ERC) realizes its international orientation through the "International Energy Cooperation Program" (IECP). E.ON ERC and RWTH Aachen target collaborations with universities and research institutions at the international level through this program. Within the framework of thie collaboration, the exchange of students and researchers (research internships for Bachelor, Master, and doctoral students) is particularly promoted. Research projects of three to six months in length in the field of energy can be completed through a student exchange. Final projects or theses can also be completed at E.On ERC.

More information is available under E.ON Energy Research Center.

Undergraduate Fund – Research Projects for Students in the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences

One major goal of the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences is a closer integration of research and teaching. In this context, the provision of strong support of outstanding students through an early integration into current research projects is to contribute to further strengthening the natural sciences and the visibility of the Faculty of Mathematics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences.
The Undergraduate Fund is part of the University’s new Institutional Strategy and receives funding from the Excellence Initiative.
Further information: Undergraduate Fund

IDEA League Research Grants

IDEA League is a collaborative network between five leading European Universities of Science and Technology. RWTH Aachen University is member of the association.

In order to involve students from IDEA League institutions in research collaborations at the earliest possible stage, the IDEA League has created a special grant scheme for students that is open to all student levels: bachelor, master, diploma and doctorates.

The grant scheme is to enable students to undertake a research visit to an IDEA League university in order to do research in the context of a final thesis or dissertation. Grantholders do not attend courses and seminars at the host institution.

The IDEA League research grant is awarded on a competitive basis.

Further Information: IDEA League Research Grants