Faculty 4: Mechanical Engineering



Kai-Uwe Schröder

Institute Director


+49 241 80-98631



Use of Direct Feedback Systems in Diverse Lectures

The RWTHApp is used to facilitate direct feedback in diverse lectures, such as Mechanics I-III with Professor Bernd Markert, Chair and Institute of General Mechanics. This allows students to give lecturers anonymous feedback, including in larger lectures with more than 1000 students.


Short Videos on Diverse Lecture Topics

Several institutes in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering collaborated with Media for Teaching to develop short videos related to the lecture material. These teaching videos allow students to learn at the time and place of their choice and at their preferred intensity. They are the foundation of complete flipped classroom scenarios and are implemented in all RWTH MOOCs.


Discussion Groups/Flipped Classroom Scenarios

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Discussion groups and flipped classroom scenarios are being introducted to courses with a large number of students, for example more than 1,500, such as in Mechanics I/II/III with Professor Kai-Uwe Schröder at the Institute of Structural Mechanics and Lightweight Design and in Thermodynamics I/II with Professor André Bardow at the Chair of Technical Thermodynamics.

With the help of learning videos, students can familiarize themselves with the course material through independent study before participation in person in class. This promotes their personal responsibility and allows more active participation in class.


Exams On Demand

In collaboration with MfL exams on demand will be introduced for all mechanics lectures offered by the Institute of General Mechanics. in the Mechanics 1 to 3 courses students will have the possibility to select their exam date from three options. The goal is provide students with more flexibility in order to better prepare for their exams.