ETS Projects 2013


15 new ETS projects started in October 2013. This included three student initiatives, the winners of the ETS Idea Prize for Students.

Proposal submitted by Chair or Working Group Project Title
Professor Erhard Cramer  Applied Stochastics Teaching and Research Area Electronic Tests in Mathematics- Service Events
Professor Thomas
Institute for Medical Informatics

AlgoDB: Establishment of an Interactive Demo Database of Algorithmic Methods for Imaging

Professor Martin Erdmann Experimental Physics Teaching and Research Area (High-Energy Physics) Beyond the Show: Instantaneous Web-Based Evaluation of Lecture Experiments by Students
Professor Martin Frank  Simulation in Nuclear Technology Teaching and Research Area Mathematics You Can Touch – on Tablets, in Browsers, and with Interactive Documents
Professor Heidrun Heinke  Chair of Experimental Physics I A and 1st Physics Institute Write-to-learn and learn-to-write – a Symbiosis in Physics Practical: Practical Reports as Publications, Students as Referees
Professor Sven Kommer  General Didactics Teaching and Research Area with a focus on Technology and Media Education Teachers in the Digital World. Use of Tablet PCs for Practical-Oriented Implementation of the Innovative Concept "Learning by Shaping"
Professor Stefan Kowalewski Chair of Computer Science 11 (Software for Imbedded Systems)  myLabExperiment@RWTH - Open Innovation for Technical Practicals
Professor Karl Nienhaus  Institute of Machine Technology for the Raw Materials Industry The Intelligent Transfer - DIUM 
Professor Stefanie Reese  Chair and Institute of Applied Mechanics Understanding Material Behavior – Conducting Experiments in the Lecture Hall
Professor Robert Schmitt  Chair of Production Measurement Technology and Quality Management Simple Q - "Simpleshows" for Quality Management Methods
Professor Jochen Schneider  Chair of Materials Chemistry Implementation of Lab Practicals in Interactive Web-Based Practicals
Professor Wolfgang Stahl  Molecule Spectroscopy Teaching and Research Area Lab in the Lecture Hall: An Integrated Remote Lab Course on Microwave Spectroscopy

Winners of the ETS Idea Prize for Students

Proposal submitted by In collaboration with Project Title
Diplom-Ingenieur Christian Helm SimBa - Simulator for Building Diagnostics
Institute of Building Research at RWTH Aachen  
Working Group 5 "Steel and Corrosion"  

Professor Martina Ziefle

Institute of Linguistics and Communication Science

Human-Computer Interaction Center

Chair of Communication Science

Introduction of Systematic Expectation Management
  iStudy - an interactive learning platform