ETS Projects 2014


Through the Exploratory Teaching Space, ETS for short, a commission was created in 2009 that promotes creative ideas for new types of learning and teaching. Within RWTH, ETS proposals are selected by a 15-member committee. Funds for materials and staff are awarded for one year.

The next call begins April 1, 2015. Proposals can then be submitted till May 19, 2015. Additional details and information will be available in the official call, the directions for submitting a proposal, and the description of the selection process.


BL and ETS 2014

89 proposals were submitted to the fifth call for BL and ETS. 22 of these projects were granted with a funding volume of more than 450,000 Euros. Project proposals were submitted from all the faculties and use various blended learning formats such as learning apps, serious games, and learning videos.

Three student ideas also received an award.The award ceremony took place on January 28, 2015. Vice-Rector for Teaching, Professor Aloys Krieg; Rectorate's Delegate for Blended Learning & ETS, Professor Heribert Nacken; and the AStA Chair, Raphael Kiesel handed out the certificates and prizes.

The coordinators of the BL& ETS competition will assist with the implementation of the three ideas and are already in discussions with the collaborative partners within RWTH.

  Three people with certificates in their hands © Andreas Schmitter The winners of the 2014 BL&ETS competition had creative ideas for improving teaching that are easily implemented.

1st Place: an iPad

Sophie Tölle

The implementation of blended learning for a permanent illustration of formal guidelines for writing

2nd Place: an iPad Mini

Fabian Baumeister

Campus Stream: Overcoming barriers together

3rd Place: a Nexus 7

Raoul Larisika

Technology deficiency


2014 Blended Learning and ETS Projects

Proposal submitted by Chair or Working Group Project Name

Professor Simone Paganini

Biblical Theology Teaching and Research Area

QIQAJON: Bibelhebräisch-Lernen goes mobile

Dr. Annet Giercke-Ungermann

Biblical Theology Teaching and Research Area Die Wiege des Wissens - Gamification in der universitären Lehre

Professor Axel Sowa

Theory of Architecture Teaching and Research Area

Dr. Carole Veldman-Genz

RWTH Aachen Faculty of Arts and Humanities Language Center

Introduction to Technical English - LOOC (Local Open Online Course)

Dr. Jaan-Willem Simon

Chair and Institute of Applied Mechanics

Materialverhalten beschreiben –  Virtuelle Experimente im Hörsaal und am Schreibtisch

Professor Thomas Gries

Chair of Textile Mechanical Engineering and Institute of Textile Technology

Blended Learning - Augmented Reality zum selbstständigen, realitätsnahem Erlernen der Funktionsweise von Produktionsmaschinen

Professorin Heidrun Heinke

Experimental Physics Teaching and Research Area

VIDA-MEDA – eine Plattform mit Lern-Videos zur Auswertung von Messdaten in  Physikpraktika

Professor Jan Schirawski

Microbial Genetics Teaching and Research Area

The Master Experimenter – ein Computerspiel (Serious Game) zur Simulation des Forschungsalltages und zur Förderung der Projektplanungsfähigkeit in der Mikrobiellen Genetik

Professor Gerhard Hirt

Institute of Metal Forming

STOFF - Self Teaching of Open die Forging using Fast models

Professor Christoph Schneider

Physical Geography and Climatology Teaching and Research Area

Klimawandelanpassung in der Stadtplanung (KliStap)

Professor Jun Okuda

Chair of Metalorganic Chemistry and Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

Computergestützte Praktikumsdurchführung

Professor Klaus Kabino

Institute of Medical Informatics

Interfakultäre Nutzung, Gamifizierung und L2P-Integration einer Plattform zur kollaborativen Erstellung von Vorlesungsmitschriften

Professor Malte Brettel

Chair of Economics for Engineers and Natural Scientists

POOC – Personalized Open Online Course

Professor Josef Hegger

Chair and Institute of Solid Construction

Neugestaltung der Lehrveranstaltung „Massivbau IV“ unter Blended Learning Aspekten und Aufbau einer medialen FAQ-Liste

Professor Sven Klinkel

Chair of Structural Engineering and Structural Dynamics

Statigo - Die Lern-App für den grafischen Dialog im Hörsaal

Professor Marco Lübbecke

Chair of Operations Research

Entwicklung und Implementierung von Strategien zum automatisierten Feedback und Bepunktung von Programmcode in einer algebraischen Modellierungssprache

Stefan Liebich

Institute of Communication Systems and Data Processing

Generierung einer Audio-/Video-Bibliothek

Professor Ulrik Schroeder

Computer Science 9 Teaching and Research Area (Learning Technologies)

Video-Mapper – Ein Videoannotationswerkzeug zur Unterstützung kollaborativen Lernens in L²P und MOOCs

Professor Christopher M. Schlick

Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics

PM LIVE – Projektmanagement Lernen Intuitiv Verstehen und Erleben

Professor Burkhard Corves

Department of Mechanism Theory and Dynamics of Machines

Thematische Onlinekurse für das Fach Maschinengestaltung 3 – TOM3

Professor Martin Erdmann

Experimental Physics Teaching and Research Area (High Energy Physics)

Anschluss der VISPA-Internetplattform an den Lernraum L2P

Dr. Sadie Behrens

AIXTRA - Skillslab (Aachen Interdisciplinary Training Center for Medical Training)

Erstellung eines online Lehrpools von digitalen 3D Lehrmodellen