Exploratory Teaching Space


The Exploratory Teaching Space, ETS, was established as part of the Institutional Strategy for Teaching  – building on positive experiences in research – in 2009 at RWTH Aachen. ETS' aim is to create a platform for creative idea generation in teaching at RWTH.

Calls are published annually. Submitted proposals are evaluated internally by RWTH and then sent to the ETS selection committee, which is made up of the ETS steering committee, an elected academic staff representative, a student representative and the CLS management.

The selection process is subject to the code of conduct and pre-determined selection criteria.

The funding period lasts up to twelve months. Grants can be used for both material and personnel costs.


ETS Projects 2023

ETS Number Title/Topic Proposal Submitted By Institute/Department

... und die Beutewand wird digital.


Prof. Martin Baumann Institute of Applied Medical Engineering (AME)

Anwendungsorienteiert die Lehrer:innenpersönlichkeit stärken - Das VR-Klassenzimmer (TEACH-R) als Vorbereitung auf Schulrealtitäten


Deborah Hennig Institute of Educational Science (EZW)
Leonard Peredi
Ricarda Peters

AI-enhanced teaching and tutoring


Prof. Thomas Grund Institute of Sociology (IFS)

MethodAIzer: Dein GPT-gestützter Forschungsmethoden-Coach für selbstgesteuertes Lernen


Alexander Kies Service and Technology Marketing Group (STM)
Prof. Stefanie Paluch

Die HCI App: Interaktive Experimente der Mensch-Computer-Interaktion in der Lehre


Prof. Jan Borchers Chair of Computer Science 10

Alles Quervernetzt - Interdisziplinär denken und arbeiten bereits ab dem 1. Semester


Dr. Nicole Maaßen Institute of Applied Microbiology (iAMB)
Dr. Katrin Bui-Göbbels Department of Biology (FG Bio)
Kevin Rosar
Dr. Helen Rosenkranz
Prof. Joost van Dongen Molecular Ecology of the Rhizosphere Lab (Bio 1)

Textgeneratoren, Codegeneratoren und Automatisierung für die Software Engineering-Lehre


Prof. Bernhard Rumpe Chair of Software Engineering (SE)

Innovation^2: Neue Inhalte und Formate in einem Nebenfach Quantenphysik


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Heidrun Heinke Chair of Experimental Physics I A and Institute of Physics I
Dominik Dorsel
Prof. Matthias Wuttig Institute of Physics I A


The ETS Steering Committee
Professor Aloys Krieg Vice-Rector for Teaching
Dr. Elke Müller Head of Department 4 – Research and Career
Professor Heribert Nacken Rector's Delegate for Blended Learning
Dipl.-Kff. Claudia Römisch Head of Division 6.2 – Teaching
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