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RWTH's Success in the OERContent.nrw Funding Line of Digitale Universität NRW

RWTH enjoyed further success in the latest funding round of the OERContent.nrw (Open Education Resources) of the NRW Ministry of Culture and Science (MKW), together with Digital Hochschule NRW (DH.NRW). As with the first funding round from 2019, a total of 18 digital teaching and learning concepts will be supported this time, with the universities set to receive a total of about 10 million euros.

The funding line was developed to support the cross-university production of digital teaching and learning materials. At least three different eligible universities have to participate in order to acquire funding.

The sharp increase in applications – 28 were submitted in 2019 compared to 58 in 2021 – shows just how timely and relevant this funding line is. RWTH was involved in a total of 16 applications this time round (6 as project-leading institution and 10 as a participating consortium member). The large number of applications submitted also demonstrates the importance of cross-university digital teaching and learning formats and thus of this funding line at RWTH.

RWTH’s repeated success is particularly outstanding because the University is involved in 7 of the total 18 funded projects in the latest round. RWTH is the project-leading institution in three of the projects and is a participating consortium member in the other four.

The projects will start from April 1, 2022, and the universities will have two years in total to complete the projects. Once the projects are finished, the e-learning offerings will be published on the state portal for studying and teaching ORCA.nrw (Open Resources Campus NRW). Here, instructors will have the opportunity to share free educational resources with each other and students will be able to use them in independent study.

Funded OER Projects With RWTH Involvement in 2022
RWTH Applicants OER Project
Prof. Dr. Cordian Beyer
PD Dr. Tim Clarner
Martin Lemos
ANDI (ANatomieDIgital), a Virtual Learning Application for Students of Medicine and Medical Professions
Prof. Dr.Ing. Ulrik Schroeder
Birte Heinemann
Sergej Görzen
FAIBLE – Computer Science Didactics in Teaching Modules
Prof. Lars M. Blank
Dr. Ulf Liebal
BioLabSim: Biology Laboratory Simulation
Prof. Volker Meden
Dr. Ahmad Asali
DIAMINT – Digital Tasks on Mathematics in Computer Science, Natural Sciences, and Technology
Apl. Prof. Dr. Stefan Roth Adaptable Learning Sequences for Technical Basic Education in Physics (ALepa)
Prof. Dr. Grit Walther
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Madlener
Operations Research (OR) for Sustainability – Energy, Mobility, Industry
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sven Klinkel
Prof. Dr. phil. Volker Rexing
Niklas Lenzen
ALFDYN – Adaptive Learning Environment in the Subject of Dynamics as OER

Funded OER Projects With RWTH Involvement in 2020
RWTH Applicants OER Project
Prof. Häusler
Martin Lemos
DecisionMaster 2020 – Training Tool for Clinical Decision Making for the Implementation of the National Catalogue of Learning Objectives in Medicine (NKLM)
Prof. Klinkel
Prof. Rexing
Digital Learning Environment – Structural Analysis – as a Holistic Concept
Prof. Nacken
Dr. Persike
Prof. Pufe
Prof. Beyer
Digital Histo Atlas NRW
Prof. Sauer
Stephan Bihn
EOR4EE – Technologies for the Energy Transition

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