First Talk Lehre: Ideal Status Quo

  Guests in the audience at the 2011 Teaching Talk Copyright: © Mireille Gawlik



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The first university internal Teaching Talk took place on May 18, 2011. The goal of the event was to initiate discussion and networking, in addition to informing interested university members about the implementation of the "Excellent Teaching" institutional strategy.

Within the last two years, numerous work groups have worked on the implementation of the strategies within the concept, in order optimize teaching and learning.

In the first part, short reports were made on the four strategic core areas. Afterwards, the Mentoring System and Orientation Event work groups explained the detailed project concepts to the over 130 visitors, convincing them that the optimization of student education is currently a success.

The posters on other projects within the framework of the Excellent Teaching institutional strategy also raised great interest. The Exploratory Teaching Space (ETS), the project TeachING-LearnING, and the Equal Opportunities Office were represented. After the presentations, individuals involved in the projects and visitors discussed the results up till now.

Two university-wide workshops of this kind took place in 2009, which had the collective goal of creating the proposal for the Excellent Teaching competiton.