Talk Lehre 2016 - Quality Assurance and Management in Studies and Teaching

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Talk Lehre, which was held for the sixth time on June 29, 2016, was shaped by quality assurance and management in teaching at RWTH Aachen. The rector of RWTH Aachen, Ernst Schmachtenberg, and AStA chair, Fabian Kommer, welcomed over 200 guests and members of the University.



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This was the first time an external expert and speaker was invited to the event. Professor Philipp Pohlenz spoke on the topic "Quality Management in Studies and Teaching – a Must or a Trend?." He illustrated the challenges and possible solutions for a quality management system and emphasized that it is only possible to successfully meet all quality expecations when all groups at the university are included.

Afterwards professor Robert Schmitt discussed the challenges at RWTH and show how teaching in Aachen can be improved with quality goals worked out together.

The vice-rector for human resources management and development, Doris Klee, then awarded the title of RWTH Lecturer to scientists, who distinguish themselves through their outstanding teaching and simultaneous commitment to research.

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During the poster exhibition innovative teaching and learning projects could once again present themselves to the event's attendees. It also offered participants a chance to discuss with one another.

Selected Projects and Best Practice Examples

The second part of the event was dedicated to presentations on selected projects and best practice examples from teaching at RWTH. Professor Jan Borchers showed how it is possible to teaching technical content in an entertaining manner, increasing students' enthusiasm and motivation, and pushing them to think. Using a developed application professor Janina Fels presented what technical possibilities are available for interactive access to acoustics in university teaching. With the project Speak Up! professor Stella Neumann presented new ways to improve pupils' English speaking skill and simultaneously enrich training for teacher training students and her own teaching. Professor Sandra Korte-Kerzel explained what measures can be taken to descriptively teach complex technical content in materials physics, thsu contributing to an improvement in the students' learning situation. Marina Weingartz and professor Udo Kamps presented a skill and practice oriented blended learning concept for the module Statistcis for Students in Industrial Engineering.

During the final panel discussion, participants held a controversial discussion on quality management in studies and teaching under the motto "No-Brainer or Administrative Nail in the Coffin," reflecting on the impressions from the day.

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RWTH Lecturers Honored

At the end of Talk Lehre, Vice-Rector Doris Klee, honored eight scientists with the title of RWTH Lecturer, who earned the title with their oustanding teaching and simultaneous committment to research.

2016 RWTH Lecturers

  • Dr. Martina Roß-Nickoll from the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences
  • Dr. Claus Helmut Pütz from the Faculty of Architecture
  • Dr. Peter Urban from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Holger Kalisch from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Dr. Timo Lothmann from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Dr. Dirk Lüttgens from the School of Business and Economics
  • Dr. Ralf Hausmann from the Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Matthias Knobe from the Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Cord Spreckelsen from the Faculty of Medicine
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