Faculty Digitalization Delegates


Within the framework of the Blended Learning and ETS 2018 to 2023 project, the faculties and departments have named digitalization delegates, who can offer you faculty- and subject-specific information and advising about blended learning:

Faculty Digitalization Delegates
Faculty 1 Karsten Braun, M. Sc., Biology
Prof. Dr. Marcel Liauw, Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Ulrik Schroeder, Computer Science
Prof. Dr. Erhard Cramer, Mathematics
Prof. Dr. Heidrun Heinke with Dr. Stefan Roth
Faculty 2 Prof. Dr. Jakob Beetz
Faculty 3 Prof. Dr. Heribert Nacken
Faculty 4 Prof. Kai-Uwe Schröder
Faculty 5 Prof. Dr. Bernd Lottermoser, Resources Machine Technology
Prof. Dr. Herbert Pfeifer, Materials Science and Engineering

Prof. Dr. Cordula Neiberger, Earth Sciences and Geography

Prof. Dr. Florian Wellmann, Earth Sciences and Geography

Faculty 6 Dr. Mathias Wien
Faculty 7 Dr. Christoph Wenzel
Faculty 8

Prof. Torsten-Oliver Salge, Ph.D.

Faculty 10 Martin Lemos