Electronic Assessments Work Group

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The Electronic Assessments Work Group began its work in November 2010. The composition of the core group reflects the student, mid-, management, and administration levels. Starting in 2011, large meetings regularly take place with all those interested from all faculties and offices. Meeting agendas include information, identification of needs and wishes, consideration of didactic, legal, organizational, technical, constructional, and other framework conditions, as well as the creation of user centered strategies, in order to offer a coordinated package for electronic assessment processes at RWTH Aachen.

The work group particularly draws on experiences, that have been gathered for more than ten years in the various faculties with computer-based state of knowledge surveys for diverse target groups. The exchange of experiences with other universities takes place through the Online Exam Work Group (Arbeitsgruppe Online-Klausuren) of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Medienzentren an Hochschule e.V. in North Rhine-Westphalia (AMH-NRW).