Students Core Area

  Two laughing female students Copyright: © Andreas Hub



Alexander Markschies

Lehrstuhlinhaber, Studiendekan


+49 241 80 95068



RWTH Aachen students who possess an intense connection to the university in their later semesters, for instance by working as student assistants, taking complex specialization and elective classes, and completing final theses and papers, attest to a high level of anonymity at RWTH Aachen, a too small positive emotional facet and a too small social connection to the beginning semesters, which also lead to students leaving their studies without finishing.

In order to clarify to students right from the beginning that they are pursuing a common goal together with their instructors, RWTH Aachen will offer a broadened and more targeted support strategy with preparatory information for studies, self assessments, and an individual mentoring program, starting in 2010.

Three work groups, Preparatory Information for Studies, Self Assessments, and Mentoring Systems, were founded to implement the measures in the students core area.