Structure and Organization Core Area

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Robert Schmitt

Vice-Dean for Structure


+49 241 80 20283



The existing structure and organization of RWTH Aachen is strategically further developed through the incentive system for teaching. Above all, the teaching campaign requires the modified perception and appreciation of teaching. In order to raise the public effectiveness of teaching, a teaching prize is annually awarded at RWTH Aachen. This initiative should be expanded at the faculty level and stretch out to all groups. Furthermore, a newsletter, published twice a semester, serves to inform from the academic side about current issues in teaching.

An important role is assigned to the Vice-Rector for Teaching and the deans of studies in the faculties, through the implementation of this strategy.

This expresses itself in clearly outlined reponsibilties and simultaneously in strengthened authorities in relation to all structural and organizational areas, such as evaluation, collaboration with students, and graduate controlling.

To obtain these goals, four work groups, incentive systems, responsibility of the Vice-Rector for Teaching, responsibility for the deans of studies, and quality management, were founded in the Structure and Organization core area.