Quality Improvement Funds at RWTH Aachen

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Quality Improvement Funds

The Quality Improvement in Teaching and Learning at North Rhine-Westphalian Universities, Studiumsqualitätsgesetz for short, took effect on April 30, 2011. The act guarantees annual funds of at least 249 million Euros, which make up for the absence of tuition fees starting winter semester 2011/2012 at universities in North Rhine-Westphalia. These quality improvement funds, the so called tuition fee replacement funds, are distributed according to the number of students in the standard one and a half long period of study, and must be used for the improvement of quality in learning and teaching. These funds are an addition to the university's basic funding. It is ensured that the funds do not lead to raising the capacity level, but rather are used for additional human resources, such as hiring teachers and tutors.

Use of Quality Improvement Funds at RWTH Aachen

In agreement with students, the Rectorate, and the councils, RWTH Aachen decided to carry over the distribution process and framework conditions for tuition fees to the use of quality improvement funds. RWTH Aachen thus further distributes the funds in anticipation of the expected gains, so that early planning and implementation of measures can follow. Faculties receive 50 percent for their own initiatives, 25 percent is allocated to the faculties on a proposal basis, and 25 percent is allocated by the university for centrally encompassing measures.

Assurance of Quality Improvement in Teaching and Learning

The Committee for Quality Improvement in Teaching and Learning was created in the Examination Council with the quality improvement funds. The committee advises university management regarding tasks related to the use of funds for improvement in teaching and learning conditions. The examination of the statements of accounts rests, as it has until now, on the , QVK for short. The committee votes on the progress reports, which must be submitted to the ministry every two years and report on the measures and their success.

More detailed information about the Committee for Quality Improvement in Teaching and Learning, in particular the chairman, its composition, and the term of office can be found in the RWTH Aachen Bylaws, Section 26. In particular, more than half of the voting members must come from the Group of Students. This also applies to the committees in the faculties.