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Honoring Outstanding Performance in Teaching

RWTH has been presenting lecturers with Teaching Awards in honor of their outstanding performance in teaching and learning at the University since 2001. In 2017, awards were once again given in the two categories of "Instructor of the Year" and the "Project of the Year." The Project Award is worth 12,000 euros, the Instructor Award 6,000 euros. The prize money is to be used in teaching and research and at least two-thirds should be dedicated to teaching and learning.

Support of the Learning Process and Superior Involvement

In accordance with RWTH's Excellent Teaching Institutional Strategy, which aims at improving basic teaching at the University, instructors and projects that are particularly committed to outstanding, innovative teaching should be promoted. Outstanding teaching strategies, support for students, or superior commitment to teaching are the key focus here.

Nominations Accepted Until July 16, 2021

The Rector's Office is looking forward to receiving numerous nominations for this year's awards. In 2021, we are also planning to focus more on the topic of sustainability for the Teaching Award, thus, an instructor or a project will also be awarded a special sustainability award.

The deadline for sending in nominations is July 16, 2021.


2020 Teaching Award

After reviewing the nominations and intense deliberation, the Commission for Quality Management in Teaching recommended the below-named members of RWTH for the 2020 Teaching Award. The Rectorate endorsed this vote. The Award was not yet presented to the winners in person due to the current circumstances with the pandemic.


Teaching Award in the “Instructor” Category

The Teaching Award in the “Instructor” category was given to Professor Sven Klinkel, Chair of Structural Analysis and Dynamics.

The decisive factors leading to Professor Klinkel winning the Teaching Award were his teaching concept that ensures a qualitative and sustainable consolidation of core competencies, his warm and open lecturing manner, and the efficient and transparent teaching and learning structure of his course "Baustatik l".

On the virtual learning platform "StatiGo", developed together with subject didactics experts, Professor Klinkel also provides students with an extensive collection of tasks, which lets them dive deep into the teaching material independently or also with help from others.

As Dean of Studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Professor Klinkel is also pursuing a positive development of teaching and learning at his faculty.


Teaching Award in the “Project” Category

The teaching award in the "Project" category went to the "Do It Yourself CAD/CAM Tutorial". Under the leadership of Professor Sven Reich, Ms. Christina Kühne, Mr. Uli Heuter, and Mr. Martin Lemos, the project offers a good introduction to digitized teaching for the future of dentistry and is a key element of the learning spiral of the subject area "Digital Practice".

The innovative uniqueness of the project is that the teaching material is not only available virtually, but all treatment measures that can be digitized are also carried out as such. In the process, students use 3D representations that they generate during the virtual workflow to simulate and independently check their manual work steps. The teaching of digital dental applications, simulations, and virtual teaching methods enables more environmentally friendly work by eliminating transportation routes.

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Teaching Award to Professor Sandra Korte-Kerzel
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Teaching Award to Associate Professor Sebastian Daniel Reinartz
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Special Teaching Award for Sustainability to Professor Carmen Leicht-Scholten
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Special Teaching Award for Sustainability to the Geography/Economic Geography Student Council