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The dean's list is a list of the best students from each course of study. It is expected to enable the faculties and central university institutions to recognize outstanding students early on and to continuously support them. The best students can be individually promoted and thus directly prepared for future activities in research and industry.


Who is on the list?

  1. The top five percent of students in each year
  2. Bachelor students from the second to the penultimate semester of the standard period of study (that is, usually up to the fifth semester). 
  3. Master students in their first to fourth semester (mechanical engineering: first to third semester)



Using the academic performance attained so far, a standard grade is calculated, influenced by the acquired grade and credit points. Within the selection, candidates are sorted by standardized grade and the best five percent will be selected based on their respective core semester.


One requirement is having finished studies within the typical length of study. The top five percent of the best graduates will be honored, likewise based on their respective core semester.

Who selects students?

The Dean's List is created by the faculties. The creation of the list usually takes place through mentoring staff members within the framework of the Excellent Teaching competition.

When is the Dean's List created?

The Dean's List is issued once a year after completion of the summer semester, so that the awards can be sent or handed over in February of the following year.


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