Student Course Evaluation Questionnaire

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Common Sources of Error

We cannot evaluate any questionnaires

  • that were used last semester
  • that were found online
  • that are bound or clipped together
  • where the corner markings are not completely legible or where the corner markings are uneven, or too close to or too far from the edge of the piece of paper
  • that are extremely minimized or blown up, that is print outs that have been resized
  • that do not have the necessar barcode for evaluation on the front page, which is in the middle of the questionnaire on the lower part of the page
  • that are copied incorrectly, for example the front or back page twice, or the excercise on the front side, and the lecture on the back side
  • that were copied upside down or similarly
  • that belong to an evaluation that has already taken place
  • that contain written commentary outside of the text field
  • that do not contain the name of the teacher or course

The sample questionnaire (de) provides an orientation.

Should one or more of these errors occur, evaluation can either not take place or it may contain an error. If the number of known questionnaires is less than five, you will receive an email notification. If you have not received an evaluation report within five days of submitting the questionnaires, please send an email to .


Common Questions About Returning the Questionnaires

Whom are the filled out questionnaires sent to?

Please send the filled out questionnaires in a sealed envelope via inter-office mail to

Telefonzentrale der RWTH
Gebäude: 1381
Turmstraße 46
52062 Aachen

You can also turn them in, in person at the switchboard.

Do I need to pay attention to anything when sending the questionnaires?

To make processing easier, please write the name of the respective teacher on the envelope.  If you are submitting multiple surveys at once, please send them in separated envelopes.  Questionnaires cannot be stapled together.

When should the questionnaires be sent back by?

As soon as a survey has been completely finished, no later than two to three weeks after lectures end, so that results can still be discussed with students.

Is it possible to send back multiple stacks in one envelope?

Yes, as long as the questionnaires for different courses are made recognizable by being in different stacks, clipped together, put in sheet protectors, etc.

What happens with filled out questionnaires that are submitted later?

All questionnaires for a class must be submitted together. Individual questionnaires, sent back afterwards, can unfortunately not be taken into consideration.