Graduate Survey

  Graduates on the main building steps throw their caps in the air © RWTH International Academy

To the Questionnaire


Thank you for your participation


Wir bedanken uns sehr herzlich bei jeder Teilnehmerin und jedem Teilnehmer für die Unterstützung!

Reasons for Your Participation

The questionnaire offers you the opportunity to reflect on your personal experiences during studies and to evaluate the study conditions at RWTH Aachen with regards to the transition to the professional world.

  • By participating in the survey, you are making a contribution to the quality assurance and development of studies and teaching at your alma mater.
  • Generations of students to come will be able to profit from your experiences.
  • The results of the survey will be sent to you upon request. You can make note of this at the end of the online survey.

Participation in the graduate survey is voluntary, of course. We look forward to each and every response however in order to ensure meaningful results for the quality development of studies and teaching and RWTH Aachen.

RWTH Aachen thanks you for your support!


Why Have a Graduate Survey?

RWTH Aachen is convinced that graduating from RWTH Aachen is an excellent ticket in the job market.  This conviction is supposed to be tested by the RWTH Graduate Survey.  The goal of the project is to use graduates' responses to improve the quality of academics.  While the first survey, completed as students are entering the job market, greatly serves to improve the quality of academic services, a follow-up survey offers valuable information about RWTH students' preparation for the first five years of their career.