Student Survey

  Students in the University Library © Peter Winandy

Thank You for Your Participation!


The general student survey at RWTH, which has been conducted on a regular basis since the winter semester of 2017/18, gives students the opportunity to voice their experience concerning the organization of their studies, general study conditions, the acquisition of skills and competencies, and their level of satisfaction. All students are contacted via email and invited to participate in the online survey.

RWTH and its Teaching & Learning division would like to thank all those who participate in the survey!

Your Reasons for Participation

The questionnaire gives you the opportunity to reflect on and voice your experience of your course as well as rate the general study conditions at the University.

By participating in the survey, you are making a contribution to the quality assurance and development of studies and teaching at RWTH. Future students will profit from your experiences.

Why Conduct a Student Survey?

The student survey aims at improving the quality of studies at RWTH based on the feedback of students. A part of the University’s quality assurance process, it provides feedback on the status of the following quality objectives:

  • Conflict-free course scheduling
  • Keeping students fully informed; advising and supervision
  • Competency-based education & training
  • Alignment of course content with a focus on intended learning outcomes
  • Targeted resource allocation

Questionnaire Focuses

  • Your course of study
  • Supervision and advising
  • Study conditions
  • Skills and competencies
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Personal information